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Microsoft Patenting the iPhone

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Pictured here is Microsoft's great new patent application on a portable touchscreen device's user interface, filed within days of a certain cellphone going on sale. Look familiar? Well, my spite and disdain is all spent: we're at the point where such patent filings are neither good nor bad. They're merery tactical legal maneuvers in a meaningless game of enterprise that has nothing to do with innovation.

Either that, or they're jokes.

[Via WIRED Blog Network]

What a bunch of suckers, honestly! :mad:


wow what a MISINFORMATION....

there is nothing new to be patented in the iPhone except for the name trademark which Apple already bought for a undisclosed amount from CISCO networks who are the original trademark owners of the name 'iPhone'

and the OS in the iPhone is actually a ported OS X version. The coverflow has been purchased by Apple from another company called steel skies(http://steelskies.com/coverflow/)

and Apple did not innovate anything new with the touch screen except for the multitouch feature which is nothing radical. The LG Prada touch screen phone is the first in the world to have a touchscreen implementation not Apple's iPhone.

Microsoft has cutting-edge technologies under its belt (http://www.microsoft.com/surface/) which will put iPhone to shame. Its just that they are late to bring it to market.

you cannot copy something and patent it immediately within a few days of something going on sale. it takes years or atleast months of development.

the websites want to give a title like that because they will get hell a lot of hits.


praka123 said:
no software patents. it hinders innovation.

lol somebody innovated and they want to protect their innovation and patented it. how it hinders innovation ?

think, if you know that somebody is going to rip you off by claiming your work and profiting from it the very next day you release your innovation/hardwork, will you be still motivated to innovate ???

anyway I cant give intelligent comments on this, as arguments from either side seems reasonable to me :D


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their innovations are well protected by the license EULA/copyright.this is the reality.now,with software patents on the side,M$FT is attacking GNU/Linux community that Linux "infringes" 235 patents of Microshaft.know the bad thing?
even there are s/w patent attack companies who employes ex-microsoft patent guys:
[FONT=Arial,Helvetica] Patent-troll company attacks Novell and Red Hat

The Basics

Copyright protects authors but doesn't hurt any honest person. Patents, in contrast, are 20-year monopolies that the government grants on broad and general ideas. Patents are potential weapons against all of us.

Click here if you don't know what a patent is, or to refresh your memory.

Software developers are perfectly protected without patents. Everyone who writes a computer program automatically owns the copyright in it. It's copyright law that made Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and the entire software industry so very big. It's the same legal concept that also protects books, music, movies, paintings, even architecture.

Many of the world's richest people owe their wealth to copyright law. Some examples are: Bill Gates, Paul Allen and Steve Ballmer (Microsoft); Larry Ellison (Oracle); Hasso Plattner and the other founders of SAP; Paul McCartney (Beatles); JK Rowling (Harry Potter).

"The Company believes that existing copyright law and available trade secret protections, as opposed to patent law, are better suited to protecting computer software developments."
Oracle Corporation Patent Policy
If copyright is all that authors and publishers need, why do some additionally ask for patents? Because they have bad intentions that they try to conceal:

1. The patent professionals want more money and influence. Copyright is free, so you don't need patent offices and lawyers to obtain it. Those potentially make money on writing and processing patent applications, and on patent litigations. A fast-growing branch of the "patent mafia" specializes on squeezing money out of the innocent by alleging patent violations.

2. Some large corporations want a powerful weapon against small but innovative competitors, or against open-source software. What they dislike about copyright is that it only helps against criminals. They want a legal instrument with which they can harm honest people.

We still have the chance to prevent this! We must exercise our democratic rights. There are politicians that purposely support those bad intentions. There are others that haven't understood yet. On this website you'll find plenty of opportunities to influence political decisions and the public opinion.


^hope this makes a change in the mindset.


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no it doesnt and neither do ur links ;)

the thread is about iPhone - Apple and MS why is ur drunk cat here :confused:


no it doesnt bring any fury to me.. I have read infinite amount of this mumbo jumbo and I dont want to be convinced anyway :p

I want opensource and apple to be still active so that they kick MS's back from time to time and I want MS also to be active so that opensource doesnt get so irrelevant and Apple doesnt get so greedy :D

It doesnt matter to me who is right or wrong. :)
At the end of the day, I just want some good products for a reasonable cost.


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I thought Apple had over 200 patents for iPhone...how the hell did this happened...

also, Microsoft came with dual colour slingshot in Zune's hardware, u know 2 colour edges, Apple patented that too....damn suckers, Apple can't even innovate
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