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  1. A

    .net installation in linux

    it is possible to install .net in redhat enterprise linux
  2. Dark Star

    Ubuntu Won the Best Linux Distribution Award

    The "Best Linux Distribution" award from the Enterprise Open Source Magazine's Readers went this year to Canonical's Ubuntu. The award was announced at the 2007 Enterprise Open Source Conference. The winners of the Readers' Choice Awards were announced by SYS-CON, the parent publishing company...
  3. P

    why does size of office 2007 varies!!!

    why does the size of office 2007 enterprise (setup files) change people to people!!!... i have office 2007 enterprise (setup files) having size of 558 mb and 250 files and 32 folders. is this the right version?!!!... is there any office assistant in office 2007 enterprise editon!!! where are the...
  4. P

    size of office 2007 enterprise!!!

    whats the exact size of office 2007 enterprise edition...
  5. R

    Installing Oracle Enterprise Edition

    hi, can someone give the EXACT INSTRUCTIONS, for a custom install of Oracle Enterprise Edition in order to use SQL Plus *ONLY*.....i use it mainly for PL/SQL statements this is because i tried the full instalation and it asked me to configure various options and i dont have a...
  6. ssdivisiongermany1933

    SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10

    How SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 is good for using to the desktop . pls help I heard that it's very good Ur views regarding this
  7. techtronic

    Countdown to Windows Vista: The THG Rundown

    Do You Really Need Windows Vista Today? While the official launch date for Windows Vista is January 30, 2007, it has been available to enterprise customers since December.According to Microsoft chairman Bill Gates, Vista is the most significant Windows launch ever. This is certainly true from...
  8. g_goyal2000

    Antivirus for Windows 2003 Server

    Can anyone suggest an antivirus, be it free or paid, for Windows 2003 Server, Enterprise Edition?? I need one urgently.
  9. A

    i want tally 8.1 gold cracked full

    i want tally 8.1 gold full cracked version and i want also mcafee virusscan enterprise 8.5 full
  10. S

    Ten Things Linux Needs to Make it Big(ger) in the Enterprise

  11. paragkalra

    rar files in RHEL4????

    How to extract or open or unrar a rar file in Redhat enterprise linux 4...????
  12. arunks

    Redhat enterprise 3

    which linux i should install.. Redhat enterprise 3 ubuntu 6.06 mandrake 10.1 vloho ... my main purpose is to browse internet and to be touched with linux working..and exploring it so that i can write it in my resume in heading operating systems which i m aware of.. so guys plz suggest me
  13. S

    Microsoft Windows Vista Line up product announced

    Hey Dude , Read the News Microsoft announced the product lineup of its upcoming Windows Vista operating system. Scheduled for release later this year, the Microsoft Windows Vista product lineup will help users easily accomplish everyday tasks, instantly find what they want, enjoy...
  14. sidewinder

    nero 6....

    guys ...are there any differences between nero 6 ultra nd enterprise edition? which one is best?
  15. Sourabh

    Microsoft enterprise AV tool unlikely: Sophos

    Microsoft enterprise AV tool unlikely: Sophos Microsoft is unlikely to launch its own enterprise anti-virus software because it is not geared up to make changes to its products as quickly as traditional anti-virus companies, according to the chief executive officer of Sophos. Dr Jan...
  16. S

    Lan Chat & sharing software

    Hi, I am looking for a good LanChating soft which can be used for File-Sharing too... Ya no dedicated servers/hubs. I am using & tested.. 1. LanChat Enterprise 2. P2P Lan 3. Look@file Ya they are good but I am sure better ones must be available...
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