different languge.plzzz help

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I had downloaded photoshop cs frm the net long time ago in some differnt lang other than english .
I had installed it dat time and removed it on da spot after seeing dat it is in diffrent lang.The prob is now whenever i install pshop cs frm any source it installs in the same languge even if I choose english at the time of installation.
So plz help

Aseem Nasnodkar

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Gotta stick registry key I suppose.
Use some registry cleaner.
Try System Mechanic. For that 1st uninstall Photoshop.
Remove this invalid reg key and then proceed with installation.

Use can use regClean

Or if u don't want all this jhanjat.
Open regedit thro run and then delete all reg keys with photoshop.


use da find fucntion once u open REGEDIT but be careful, if u remove any important stuff, ur pc can crash n stuff.. so make backups or create a restore point in system restore.
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