divx movies links plz

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i wonder if somebody can give me links to downloads to divx english movies, i cant use p2p right now... :cry:


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try using a torrent download for an alternative there are various bit torrent download softwares google for it and u can get plenty of sites that feature good divx quality movie downloads one being www.supernova.org


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hey i suppose this is same as giving away a kazaa lite p2p sharing software link it shares almost more than illegal stuff compared to the bit torrent sites.


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sUlPhUr|nE` said:
Kazaa is almost dead. Shareazaa is the trend now. Torrent is not Warez. So I think it is legal to post Torrent links.
Torrent like keychangers are not warez unless u use it for wrong purposes. Dude a suggestion frm me, wud u resize ur avatar a little bit.


rght u r , dude scale down ur avatar

also kazaa issss dead

bit torrent is in, alongwith shareazza gaining more popularity then ever

however indian users like us should use "overnet" a nics service


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You don't normally find torrent links of movies - use edonkey2000 for that. (shareaza supports that network as well)

For torrents:
And lots more - also, bit-torrent is just a list of sources - so you are also on safe legal ground to share torrents.
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