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    IELTS - FREE online classes - Target 8 Bands Score

    IELTS - FREE online classes - Target Band 8 Score IELTS, the International English Language Testing System, is designed to assess the language ability of candidates who need to study or work where English is used as the language of communication. It covers the four language skills –...
  2. Pragadheesh

    free dictionary

    Hi, Which is the best free dictionary for english?
  3. TheHumanBot

    Why All the Programming Languages are in English?

    guys i want to know why all the programming languages are in english why not our regional languages or any other languages 8) i can only see one reason for that and its becoz first computer creators are english 8)
  4. L

    Chrome OS screenshots + my take on it ;)

    Chrome OS....... u can define this OS in only one sentence: A version of Linux that's so easy that anyone who knows English and can use a keyboard/mouse can use, with absolutely no training required.... :) *img33.imageshack.us/i/40875717.jpg/...
  5. hahahari

    Help Needed For doing Masters Abroad

    Hi, I am a final year BE student. I have an aggregate of 75% till 6th semister and am pretty sure it will be 76.5% by the time I finish engineering. I am doing my Bachelors in Electronics and Instrumentation. My 10th English: CBSE: 90% My 12th English: State(TN): 78% Please advice...
  6. R

    Nvdia 6200 wmp hardware acceleration

    why for wmp hardware acceleration is disabled ? according 2 nvdia weby says it support pure video . wikipedia says '''NVIDIA's PureVideo is a hardware feature designed to offload video decoding processes and video post-processing from a computer's CPU hardware to NVIDIA's GPU hardware series...
  7. jxcess3891

    How good you are english is

    Friends myself start this topic to check how good you are english is I type one topic then you type one topic then after other person ten so on so we will no and improve our english then we be mangement exam toppar so my topic is India India is grate country on this world. eighty persent is...
  8. C

    Horror Movie?

    Hi If you are a horror movie fan, can you plz tell me which is the most horrifying English movie you have seen so far? I personally liked Mirrors *www.imdb.com/title/tt0790686/ Thanx
  9. F

    Learn Good English - Great Site

    *www.worldenglishinstitute.org/login Have a Look and Let post your feeds
  10. R

    English Wordlist

    Hey folks, i been searching in internet for the past 2 weeks for a complete word list of English language. Also i am in need of a site that can give some nice translation support for Indian Languages. Google Translate and Babelfish in Yahoo provides support for International Languages...
  11. K

    All-round Gaming laptop

    Hey guys, I've been looking for a lappy which can run a decent gaming performance(I don't expect it to run Crysis, but it should run Cod 5 at atleast the same speed as my current 512 Ram, 7600GT, p4 desktop). After a little bit of consideration, I came up with the Dell XPS M1530, with the...
  12. windchimes

    Suggest some Good English TV shows like F.R.I.E.N.D.S

    Guys, I am not much into watching TV shows. But I do remember watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (I like Will Smith) years back. Are there any good English TV shows -sitcoms that are worth watching other than these names..?? Any recommendations
  13. mannuforall

    UCWEB 6.2 English Version Translated-Updated 13-Nov-08

    Ucweb 6.2 java Eng-New Translated 99.99% Correct (by mannuforall) Hi this is the new java English versin ofUCWEB6.2, which I'm hopping completely better translated with translated shortcuts. Plz downloadand, put comments if any error you found. Original Post -...
  14. aditya1987

    Suggest some good chinese fantasy movies dubbed in english??

    Hello friends.. I recently watched a chinese movie dubbed in english called "Curse Of Golden Flower". It was awesome. The set and the the costumes used in the movie was great. Can you suggest some other chinese fantasy movies dubbed in english... Thak you... ;-)
  15. naveen_reloaded

    Subtitle for English Movies on TV - Ur Take ??

    Hi all.... I have been recently seeing more subtitle emerging in many english movie channels for many these subtitle can really be a great distracting factor... and isnt that odd to see a eng sub to eng film ?? which should be like a tamil sub for eng film or so... my question here is ...
  16. Ganeshkumar

    Help: Opera - Language change

    Hi all :) I upgraded my opera 9.25 to Opera 9.6 - Tamil version... And the fons all are corrupted. Now i want to make default language as English. I tried reinstalling using English version, w/o uninstalling and even used 9.25 setup to reinstall, but the Language doesnt change. Help me in...
  17. S

    American Spoken English Coaching Centers in Chennai ?

    frds i need to learn spoken english [american] in a good coaching center in chennai .... which one is best ? please any 1 tell me the best one in chennai:p:p:p
  18. S

    integrating airways search

    hi i have an intresing thing to know i want to searchout the flights of different airways companies on my website like the way yatra.com or makemytrip.com searches i want to know to whom should i tie up with this please reply me soon i am using asp sorry for my english
  19. trublu

    Best English Daily?

    I want to subscribe to some good english daily.So plz tell which one is the best.Pls do note that my paperwaala supplies only 3-4 english papers(TOI,HT,Indian Express,Statesman,Telegraph).
  20. G

    Good English Grammar Teaching web site

    Hi can any one please tell me which is the best English Grammar Teaching web site.
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