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  1. P

    Recommend some affordable "emergency backup" 3G cellular connection plans in Kolkata

    I wanted your inputs on an affordable "emergency backup" 3G cellular connection plan in Kolkata for my parents to use their GSM Andriods on (actually these are CDMA chipsets with 4G ability and thus also work on GSM). The assumptions are: 1. Their cable connection at home provides them...
  2. A

    Cheap motherboard for Phenom II x4 955BE?

    My old motherboard died on me last week. I need a temporary mobo till the time this current one comes from repair. Im going to use it as my spare motherboard in case of an emergency. Any suggestions? Anything under 3k possible? My config is given in my signature. Thanks.
  3. Desmond

    Human 'suspended animation' trials to start this month

    This is going to be a major breakthough. Source : http://www.engadget.com/2014/05/26/human-suspended-animation-trials/
  4. Nipun

    Disaster Management Thread

    Please excuse me if such a thread already exists, I request the mods to merge it. I have been searching on preparing an emergency disaster kit, and thought it would be nice if we could have a thread where everyone could share their knowledge and clarify any doubts. So far, I've found that an...
  5. ajayritik

    Need suggestion on which emergency light to use

    Guys off late we are having lot of power cuts at our place. Hence would need a good emergency light as a backup. In the market I see the following 1. FL Emergency light 2. CFL Emergency light 3. LED Emergency Light I wanted to go for LED Emergency light but looks like these...
  6. S

    [Solution]: Can’t dial 100 from some Nokia phones

    Pertaining to the article: Cant dial emergency numbers from few Nokia phones With phones like C2-01, X3 and 2690 etc.. one can’t dial 100 for police, 101 for fire or 102 for an ambulance from these phones. Once i read the article, checked the same on a relative's nokia C2-01, and the issue was...
  7. kool

    Convert old emergency light to LED lightining.

    Guys, I've 5 year old emergency light which has no use because of inverter in home, So its useless for me now, but twice a year i visit my village where very less power supply. I want to convert this emergency light to LED lightning or for mobile charging. Can i get tutorial?
  8. ajayritik

    Usage of Emergency Lights

    Since most of you guys maybe using the Emergency lights especially during power cuts I thought would check with you on the usage. Generally we keep these emergency lights plugged into the power socket and switch it on so that when we have a power cut it turns on itself. However I wanted to check...
  9. B

    Emergency PHP Script Need Help Adding Feature

    Okay, I have a emergency dispatching script and I implemented a "Emergency" feature, the emergency feature allows a company to hit the emergency button if they are in distress. The dispatcher and I have ran through multiple test, sometimes even random test. And during the random test the...
  10. gaurav_indian

    Musharraf imposes Emergency in Pakistan!

    Musharraf imposes Emergency in Pakistan http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/Musharraf_imposes_Emergency_in_Pakistan/articleshow/2515052.cms
  11. infra_red_dude

    ICE campaign - "In Case of Emergency" numbers in your Cellphones

    Got this in mail. Thot I'd post here in the interest of everyone. I think its a nice thot. But unless everyone knows about it, its not gonna be of any help. That "ICE" then just becomes another contact among the hunderds of others in your phonebook.
  12. wizrulz

    Mobile Sale

    Hello members... I have few spare mobiles.....never went to sale these one as always bought new one and kept these for emergency..but now have many for emergency also..so wanna sell these ones.... 1. SE T230- as good as new 2. SE T68i- body has color has worn off little U can post here...
  13. R

    using Ghost

    Can anyone enlighten me on using Ghost. I have heard that one can use this to create images of our Hard Drive and use it in case of emergency. Please tell me how to use it
  14. jain_pranav

    Tips & Tricks for symbian help

    any1 knows how 2 get emergency battery for 15 minutes & stuff like this by dialling some no.??????????
  15. S

    Web Host---Emergency!!!

    Halo I am looking for a web host, preferrably free, on which i can put up my website with .aspx files. Can u suggest some host? Pleez do so fast cos dis is an emergency, I need it by next week for my presentation or ill be DEAD
  16. rajesh

    News for Mobile Users

    Hi all... MOBILE USERS - NUMBER CAN BE DIALED WITHOUT SIM CARD DURING EMERGENCY. The Emergency Number worldwide for GSM Mobile (012, 013, 016, 017,019) is 112 and not 999. You can dial 112 even without a Sim Card. If you find yourself out of coverage area of your mobile network and...
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