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  1. @

    Cheapest way to get this 'electronic toy'/DIY robot from USA

    I want to buy this: Makeblock Robot Starter Kit Bluetooth - Radioshack It comes under Electronic Toys category and SnS tells me custom would be 28%. The price mentioned is $118, but actual price is $150 (RadioShack mentions it as $199, which is not correct). The package weighs 1.6Kg. Have...
  2. Flash

    Microsoft patents hinge for dual-screen mobile phones, computers

    Microsoft are one of the most prolific patent holders in the US. The Redmond firm are well and truly raking it in from licenses relating to the Android OS, and are not shy to slap a patent on just about anything, from augmented reality bananas to emotion sensing smart bras. Many of these...
  3. I

    Battery/Charging Queries

    Hello everyone. :wave: I aim to discuss my queries related to batteries, within this thread. Thus, refraining from cluttering the forum. :blush: For a portable electronic device, is it absolutely compulsory to use an OEM battery, matching the exact model number, which initially came with the...
  4. rhyansy

    MSI Brand Gaming Laptops: Are they good?

    Hello everyone! Just wondering how techie people think about MSI, manufacturer of Mobo, GPU, gaming laptops and other related electronic products. How are their gaming laptops, especially the GS70, a slim type gaming laptop?
  5. ratul

    Truecaller Database hacked..

    Source: Syrian Electronic Army Hacks Global Phone Directory Truecaller
  6. T

    Electronic Tattoos and Passwords You Can Swallow

  7. S

    [Want to Buy] A smartphone or and electronic gadget which is cheaper in USA

    I'll b going to US for the first time and for a week. So I was thinking to buy something probably an electronic peripheral as a souvenir. Plz help to buy anything under Rs. 6k that i could bring to India back with no hassles.:oops:
  8. Desmond

    The Alternative/Experimental Music Thread V1: Obscure Stuff

    Hi, This thread is dedicated to all alternative/experimental music. Genre's including but not limited to Shoegazing, Industrial, Noise, Mathcore/Math Rock, Drone, Art rock, Avant-Garde, electronic music, etc. That being said, music not allowed here : Pop, Hip-hop, Bollywood, Remixes...
  9. Ankit Omar

    Home Electronic Show in Delhi

    Great news for technology lovers and tech savvy guys like, it’s time to have a close look on new gadgets and upcoming technology in other home electronic products. Home Electronic Show (HES) is almost about to begin, it will be held on October 26, 27 & 28, 2012 in New Delhi, India. Hopefully...
  10. H

    Suggestions for a big electronic checkout

    No storylines, so I got the chance of setting up a list of electronic kits/devices for an incubator service. They have a sizable amount of funding, and is looking forward to put up these kits/projects as a booster for startups and hobbyists. I got an Arducopter(Quad) to play with, will be...
  11. eggman

    Best electronic thing I can get from Shanghai? :P

    Right now I'm sitting in the airport and waiting for the plane. Please suggest me some nice electronic stuff that I can buy from Shanghai :)
  12. Desmond

    Akash tablet project nearly-dead because of corruption?

    Something does not seem right. About this. The tablet was a fail, but meeting a demise owing to corruption, that s***s. Source Further reading: The Tangled Tale of Aakash, the World's Cheapest Laptop - NYTimes.com After Aakash delays, Datawind losing senior executives - Economic Times
  13. ss max

    Proposal for a new section completely on ROBOTICS.

    I want to propose a different section fully on ROBOTICS so that there can be discussion and suggestions on everything related to robotics and and the electronic components like microcontrollers etc thus helping in robotics. So support and provide suggestions on this .8-)
  14. A

    Advice for selecting branch.

    I have got 7709 rank in vit 2011 and might go there (vellore campus) in case aieee result aren't up to mark. There it is possible ti get EEE or CS (mechanical which I want most is not possible as it closes much above). I have good interest in CS and I'm also good at electric (electronic is...
  15. A

    Consumers choice in Electronic products

    A wide range of imported consumer products electronic items. Ranging from cd players to video cameras.
  16. sravan

    Software for Electronics Drawings

    I have to draw some electronic circuits . so please suggest me some free softwares for this purpose
  17. ajai5777

    worst experience from canon!!

    I bought a canon pixma mp145 today when i tried to install the catridges i found those cannot be fixed.i followed the figures in manual and finally found that THERE ARE NO CATRIDGE HOLDERS IN THE PRINTER!!! in that position only a steel rod is found.There is no electronic part to join with...
  18. INS-ANI

    Electronics Core carrear advice

    hey guys, i am a third year student doing BE in Electronics and telecommunication. Can any one suggest some core electronic courses to have a better prospect of getting opportunity in core.
  19. A

    Electronic circuits simulation softwares

    I am searching for a easy,good and nice Electronic circuits simulation software...but i vain :( All of the softwares that i downloaded will generate some waveforms but i need these ... 1.Find current in any branch 2.Solve Nodal analysis,Mesh Analysis ... 3.easy drag and drop of...
  20. A

    Electronic Showroom

    Hey... I have an offer for you java coders out there!!! I have an ICSE Board Project coming up on java... the topic which i have chosen i have chosen is Electronic Showroom Please contact me if u can make a good project for me.. aniruddhchaturvedi@gmail.com we'll settle the price over...
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