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  1. ico

    Altaf Raja

    hmm every year there comes a week where I only listen to Altaf Raja. dunno why this happens. Does this happen with anybody else?
  2. ico

    Gaming mouse needed.

    Budget is Rs. 2000 max. I think Razer has build quality issues. Plus their Synapse DRM crap a couple of years back pissed a lot of people off. Dunno about the current scenario. My hand is not small, neither big. Just a normal hand. I use Palm grip.
  3. S

    HTC M8 Hands-On Leaked video

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16MPb6aUid0 The kid dunno how to review a phone obviously but enjoy the phone!
  4. D

    Ethernet Port of laptop fried. Any alternatives?

    Hi...due to thundering, my wireless router and my laptop's ethernet port fried yesterday. I use broadband with CAT5 cable(kinda LAN cable only). Now dunno how to use internet :( .. I bought usb to ethernet adopter..but loose connection every few seconds..dunno what to do :( any solution or...
  5. O

    # Additional phone by Bluetooth?! Funny Device?!

    Whatz dhis device? Anyone tried? Will it be helpful? Check out: Some ebay seller is selling this one,reliable? dunno? check: GMATE SIM DEVICE -"MAKE IPOD TO IPHONE" IPAD,IPHONE & ANDROID TO DUAL SIM MOBILE | eBay
  6. Pravas

    Fade Out Graphics Problem

    I dunno what exactly to call this Problem but I'm attaching an Image for the same. I've circled the problem in Orange. Dunno for some reason it doesn't appear much in other explorer items, but when I right click or It's mostly visible in my 3D Applications. Yeah it goes away(not completely)...
  7. Faun

    This Steam bundle, worth it?

    Got the complete pack, what do you think ? A good deal, I know other 2 games are shitty, dunno about vegas 2.
  8. D

    Stuck!! Please help!!!

    hi all, my PC crashed a few days back (which i also posted here, but got no suggestions) so after trying out a few things on my own i decided to format n reinstall. when i did that i ws able to format and copy installation files to the pc but when windows restarts for the actual installation i...
  9. Psychosocial

    Wierd LCD problem

    Been a loooong time since I posted here. Was kinda immersed into other stuff. Anyways, so here I am back at Digit to be with the good ol' geeky folks! Well I have gotta a problem right now with my LCD. I dunno how to explain it. It was working fine until the morning but when switched it on at...
  10. speedyguy

    c graphics in linux (fedora 9)

    m trying to code a basic graphics program in c/cpp in fedora.....can anyone help me out wit it....m familiar to turbo c graphics but dunno wat to do for linux.....or even if its possible or not......if yes wat library do i use? Enjoy~!
  11. R

    Airtel daily MO rs.10/day deactivation

    i got an offer sms from airtel for their rs.10/3mb daily pack.i thought i'd just check some info about it.but it got activated :mad: now i dunno how to deactivate it. i live in mumbai and the activation code was *567*11#
  12. Gigacore

    I Love my "Untitled Document" Contest.

    Have a look at the screenie and page title in the tab... I was aware of this thingy from the day I got the mail from digit.. but was busy and dunno whom exactly to contact... Someone please just report this thing to concerned guy..
  13. iinfi

    Microsoft Surface

    is there any other thread abt this stuff here?? i dunno see this http://in.youtube.com/watch?v=Zxk_WywMTzc&NR=1
  14. N

    N81 8gb and N81 !!

    Hi Whats is the difference between these two handsets ?? I didnt find any except the memory of 8gb ! One of my friend is looking out for this phone, the nokia n81 8gb is not available in north delhi stores ?? dunno why ! So he settled for n81 without 8gb..just need some clarification...
  15. D

    IT or BE?

    I am from Nepal. I completed by +2 (science) and i am looking forward to studying further.... I feel trapped by my own mind. I had thought to do BE in computer(software) but after listening to many people, i have changed my plan. I am planning to study IT course, maybe BCIS or something like...
  16. C

    problem in Firefox.....

    hi friends...not able to see the images when using firefox as my browser.... but this is not the case in opera..... dunno where to change the settings...... plz help me..
  17. dhanusaud

    Help wanted for promoting blog

    Guys, Plz help to promote my Blog named www.bhajani.blogsome.com, I submitted my blog in think digit's blog watch section but still isn't parked yet. I dunno wht the problem is??? Help, to promote mine blog in altenate way. Thanks
  18. E

    5700 discontinued...

    atleast this is what i heard when i asked for it at The Mobile Store outlet at borivli (w) Thakkar Mall... he was saying the company is not selling it to them due to some problem with regards to swivel mechanism... dunno much plz confirm from somewhere else..i it shocked me...
  19. A

    Annoying Problem...Help wantde!

    Annoying Noise frm inside de hood...?!!? i have had this cool n quiet config 4 around 6 months, E6300, 946GZIS, Mercury 400OPSU n Cabinet, Until recently, there seems 2 be dis strange motor like noise coming frm sumwhere inside whenever i switch on my PC. i chacked all the fans, the CPU...
  20. maximus999

    Error while booting Puppy Linux multisession Live CD?Plz help???

    According to the instructions provided there at the puppylunux websitei burnt a multisession Live CD...of Puppy 2.15CE Final using Nero 7. I dunno linux much but have tried Live Cds a lot of times;of Ubuntu6, Kubuntu 7.04 & Dreamlinux 2.2 MMGL Edition...They all work fine. Why am i not able to...
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