1. techbulb

    laptop and other electronics from dubai

    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) 30k to 35k inr 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen 3) What are the primary tasks you will be performing with this notebook? multimedia consumption, basic office softwares (tally, word etc),little...
  2. K

    Need Laptops in 3 Categories

    I need to buy a laptop between 35-50K, depending on the price of the model in Dubai. So I have 2 budgets ie: 30-40k and 40-48k 1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) 30-40k and 40-48k 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen 3)...
  3. ajayritik

    What to buy from Dubai

    Next month most probably I may travel to Dubai so wanted to know which electronic product I should buy? 1. Blu Ray Player 2. External HDD 3. Laptop Any other product?
  4. B

    Buying from US

    I looked up the newegg site and the price of HD 7950 graphics card in the US is around 16000 while here it is around 24000. Which other computer components are really cheap in the US. Also the same question for Dubai. I'm going to assemble a new computer in some time, and I'm thinking of asking...
  5. B

    Kindle or Nook HD+?

    My brother is going to the US and Dubai. I need a tablet mainly for reading ebooks, but also for internet browsing. Has anyone here used the Kindle or Nook tablets? And where will it be cheaper - US or Dubai?
  6. B

    HD 7850 from Dubai / US

    My brother in law is going to visit the US with a stopover at Dubai. Where would an HD 7850 be cheaper, and which company should I ask him to get - Sapphire? I'm also thinking of getting a Kindle; have opened a thread in the tablets section as well.
  7. B

    Buying a Kindle from US / Dubai

    My brother in law is going to visit the US with a stopover at Dubai. I'm asking him to get a Kindle and a graphics card for me. Where would it be cheaper - US or Dubai? I'm thinking of getting the Kindle Fire HD with 8.9 inch display.
  8. R

    Kenwood HQ718 & M846 ! Opinions

    I am leaving in UAE Dubai, I want to buy 2 Car speakers and 4 Ch Amp. I came across the Kenwood m846 Amp and Kenwood KFC HQ718 speakers ? Should I go for it, Other option is Alpine SPG17C. Kenwood Amp costs 4.5K INR , and HQ718 speakers is 3.7K. Also would be greatfull if some1 who knows Dubai...
  9. H

    please help i m going to buy a tv from dubai

    hi this is himanshu touching u for ur valuable suggestions.. one of my friend is going to dubai for a trip this january.. i m planning to buy a samsung LED or PLASMA tv ranging from 40-46 inches.. please tell me which one should i go for and what is d procedure to take the piece in dubai and...
  10. D

    Please help regarding Samsung UA40EH5300

    guys i'm planning to buy a 40 inches smart tv. i'm getting SamsungUA40EH5300 at 36K from dubai wid samsung international warranty but i havent heard nything aboutt this tv here and nywhere else also so please can anyone of u suggest is it a good deal? and how is this tv's quality? please do...
  11. A

    Best LED TV from Dubai

    Hi, I would like to purchase best SAMSUNG LED TV from Dubai in range(40-46''). Please suggest the best available option. Also How much it would cost as compare to indian LED TV price? Share your experience if anybody purchase TV from Dubai. Thanks
  12. I

    International warranty?

    I am thinking of getting a laptop from US or Dubai. Will I get the warranty support on the product here in India?
  13. A

    Need a phone in 15k..

    I need a phone within the specified budget.. the best that is available within this or for slightly more.. The thing is my brother will be buying it from dubai.. so you can suggest some in the price range for that country if possible.. thanks.
  14. B

    40-46" LED TV from dubai

    PLEASE ONLY LED NO PLASMA Hello, I would like to know which sony models to purchase from dubai at the moment 46HX925 40HX750 46HX750 40NX720 46NX720 40EX720 46EX720 40EX650 46EX650 From sony mea site this are the range i am looking at... (Focus on SONY please) If u have any...
  15. NoasArcAngel

    Which college to choose ? ...

    I got 193 marks in BITSAT 2012 so i can only get BITS Dubai, hoping in AIEEE will get around 185~200 so with delhi quota i can most probably get NSIT. Is it better to go to BITS dubai and do engineering or get admission in India?
  16. V

    Urgent Help : UAE - Dubai video calls/voice calls

    Hi, My one of friend have to move to Dubai as part of Job. I want to know which all possible ways of cheapest communication are present from Dubai to India and vice versa ? Like Skype, Tango is blocked there. Not sure about Whatsapp though. Main communication requirements are Text...
  17. mayank_agarwal

    [URGENT] Help needed in PMP

    So to start with, First of all Thank you for trying to help me out. Now my question:- I want a PMP which can be available in Dubai. Y Dubai? Ans - Coz my father is going on for a tour in Dubai and during his tour he would be let into the City Center Of Dubai for shopping. SO my questions...
  18. vikasg03

    laptop purchase from dubai

    Hi, I want to know is it really worth to purchase laptop from dubai. Just anyone who purchase, can tell me how much % cheap we can get in dubai in compare to india. and from where...(which market in dubai)
  19. M

    Need Ear-phones for Walkman and mobile

    Hi guys,I need a decent 3.5mm ear phones for my Walkman and Nokia N79.My budget is 1000-1500k.Plz let me knw which 1 to get?My cousin is visiting Dubai next month,should i ask him to get 1 from there? Thanks, Mandar.
  20. H

    Animation in dubai !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Whats the scope of animation in dubai !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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