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Auto IP in linux?

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Ok, its my mistake that i did not know that my DSL is not static, instead it is Dynamic. I had a thread Static Dsl Fc-6 Config=?

Now, when i called my ISP, he told me that my DSL was not static. Static ip requires Rs. 2000/yr. rental. Now how to configure linux to obtain ip, DNS, Subnet Mask, etc. automatically using DHCP? Please, its urgent. i want to install FC6 today only. :)


It seems ur exams r over!
In mtnl rs.949 plan u get a static IP only!

Goto system>administration>"networking" and u get to configure everything!

For dns, type in ur browser window (if u have mtnl/dlink router to get inside of ur routers settings) and copy the dns servers from there to ur list in "networking" window into the DNS section! OR u can goto http://www.opennic.unrated.net/public_servers.html , and get a dns or two.

Sometimes ISP's dns servers communication rate totally sucks, then its better to use public dns servers! Since the whole world uses mostly the class c IP addresses, therefore the subnet mask is

After ur done, save ur settings and restart the network from that "network" window only. Just disable it and enable it again! Ur done !
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