1. ax3

    Text to links ! ! !

    hi, i have bunch/many of net addresses saved in a notepad ... want to convert these text to click-able links ... how can i do that ??? i have dreamweaver installed
  2. mohityadavx

    Dreamweaver Spry Menu Problem

    Hi! I am new to dreamweaver and was making a basic dynamic website of type php . I was trying to insert a spry menu in my website. However i am suffering from a strange problem. I am seeing spry menu differently in different browser. Here it is :- My Design View:- Default Live...
  3. F

    Beyond dreamweaver and photoshop !

    I’ve been trying to design a site with the help of dreamweaver and photoshop but lack knowledge in animation or flash design. I need help learning every part of it and all of it's functions. Can anyone post a tutorial or a link so that flash work can be built in without much of coding? thank you.
  4. T

    whats wrong with my dreamweaver

    hi there, whenever i try to run my dreamweaver 8 it says problem with your instalation a reinstall may solve it but when i reinstall it again says the same i try to install from another setup but problem is same can any one help me.SOftware is leagal which was given me in my college workshop as...
  5. T

    dreamweaver proble

    hi guys i am using dreamweaver 8 and now days i am facing a problem whenever i try to open dreamweaver it only shows its welcone screen and then automaticaly closed every time i try to open it same problem occur. i try to solve this problem by uninstalling and again install it but problem is...
  6. choudang

    Dreamweaver Help required.

    Guys... While i am tyring make a hyperlink to one of zip file in Dreamweaver, not able to open the file as download option. It get opened in the same page (_self) or in a new window (_blank) (zip file is showing contents) I am making a infopage for my company and it has lots of downloadable...
  7. RCuber

    Web Designing/programming help

    hey guys, I was basically a windows developer till now, but now I have been assigned 3 website development work. I have to build the sites from scratch. I am perty ok with Photoshop to create web the webpage layouts and then slice the PSD and open up in Dreamweaver, but here is where it ends, I...
  8. x3060

    dreamweaver queries ,plus some flash too!!!

    hi, please help me out in this *how do i change the page resolution in dreamweaver ,i need the site to be in 1024*768. *how do i make small flash box inside the site which has pictures in it & it changes continuously help here is greately appreciated.
  9. choudang

    dreamweaver problem

    i am going thru a strange problem with Dreamweaver... As i can not install any thirdparty software or not compatible with company, i have downloaded the portable version of adobe products like dreamweaver, flash, photoshop and illustrator. all are going fine xcept dreamweaver... whenever i...
  10. S

    best dreamweaver buk

    guys please suggest me a gud dreamweaver cs3 book.i have thought of buying dreamweaver cs3:the missing manual,have any one bought it before?do you know any other good books??
  11. amitava82

    How to redirect based on Access level in Dreamweaver

    Say, I have 2 access-level: 1 is for "user" and 2 is for "admin" When a user logs in, if the access level is 1 then the user must be redirected to welcome.php and if the user has a access-level 2 then he/she will be redirected to admin.php So, how do i do it in Dreamweaver CS3? I don't...
  12. santu_29

    jsp help needed :)

    i need to learn jsp, ejb and xml as i have them in my course this semester. can anyone suggest me a good editor for jsp. i have been using dreamweaver for last 2 years but it seems its not good for jsp. also does anyone know any free jsp webhost where i can test my pages :)
  13. ax3

    web pg size in Dreamweaver ! ! !

    how 2 set web pg size in Dreamweaver ??? as v do in photoshop 4 images .................. i often find default size only ....... how 2 change it ?
  14. go4saket

    !!! Guide To Macromedia Dreamweaver MX !!!

    Hello Friends! Marcomedia Dreamweaver is one the best softwares available for designing web pages without knowladge of HTML. Its a very powerful software and is one of the most feature rich in this field. So incase if you want to learn more about it, download the ebook from...
  15. %systemroot%

    Video's On Adobe,Corel,Flash,Photoshop, Etc...

    http://www.wz2k.co.uk/pages/downloads/index.php The site contains free tutorials for the following Adobe Illustrator CS for beginners Corel Draw Video Dreamweaver CSS Video Dreamweaver Video Dynamic Dreamweaver Video Flash PDF Great Products ImageReady CS Photography PDF...
  16. PainKiller

    Dreamweaver mx 2004 on DIGIT CD ??????//

    hi all, it sounds stupid but i cant find dreamweaver mx 2004 on my stacks of digit CDs. does anyone really remember the month on which dreamweaver mx 2004 was published in digit cds. thanx in advance cheers.
  17. M

    Uploading my on-the-comp site

    Hi, I made a site. It''s about my school. It's curretntly on my PC in the mydoc. folder. How can i upload it onto te net? Im using dreamweaver and am going to use 50webs domain... Thanks for taking your time,, Vishnu
  18. himtuna

    macro flash and dreamweaver

    are there any good alternatives to macromedia falsh 5 or...8( any version) and Dreamweaver or good website building tool
  19. the_moon

    Firefox Problem!

    I've made some web pages using Macromedia Dreamweaver. They are being diaplayed properly In Internet Explorer & Netscape, but look simply jumbled in Firefox. By Jumbled i mean, that the various layers are overlapping eachother :shock: . So, this proves that Dreamweaver is more compatible to IE...
  20. N

    Dreamweaver blues

    i've made a site using dreamweaver using layers to type text. I used a free host to host the site. But i adde banners and the text got misplaced . Anybody has any idea how to fix text layers at one place?? Plz hellp me. Here the site url:- http://dbzindia.tripod.com :?: :?: :?:
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