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MX518- 1600DPI or 1800DPI??

Which Gaming mice is the hot favourite among players???

  • Logitech G5

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  • Razer Diamondback

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  • Razer Copperhead

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  • Microsoft intelli

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  • Other (plz post and tell which one)

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]-[ E l l F R 4 G G 3 R
wanna buy a Logitech MX518... I hear the new model has 1800 DPI instead of the older 1600DPI.Also heard rumours that the newer model has more complaints...Is it true?? Is the 1600DPI version still in stock?? What are the differences in these versions??
I am a Counter Strike 1.6 player and play at low sensivities like 1.6, so I guess a high DPI is not much of a gain to me.What should I buy???

PS::: Please don't suggest any other mice...I've done extensive research on what mice to buy... :)


Wise Old Owl
Nowadays u ll get the international model which is 1800dpi one. And it dun seems to have problems, coz me nd some of my friends own them, no probs so far[more than 1 year]

Y dun u try Logitech MX 510? Looks exactly same. All specs same except the sensor, which is 1200dpi and the body color is red instead of silver. Just google it. Its a lot cheaper also.

BTW 518 is good for CS.
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