1. R

    Opera Version 8 Hits Million Downloads Milestone

    Opera Software CEO Jon S. von Tetzchner said he would swim from Norway to the United States if one million copies of the company's latest browser were downloaded within four days of the April 19 launch. Start looking along the shorelines. After reaching 600,000 downloads in the first 48 hours...
  2. T

    Firefox download manager

    hi, can anyone give idea on getting third party download manager incorporated in firefox as its inbuilt DM just isn't satisfactory. i had used getright in IE and found it satisfacotory with multi treading downloads. if so, may pls guide me to the site addr regs taken
  3. K

    How to Schedule downloads with Opera

    Hello Friends, I am using Opera in my system. I need to dowload some 100 downloads. How to trigger the downloads automatically in the opera transfer window. I dont want to start the download manually when the previous transfer finishes. Is there any way to download automatically without...
  4. T

    Need a download manager for FireFox

    I need a download manager for Mozilla Firefox so that I can resume broken downloads. This feature is not there in the FF built-in download manager ( or is it?). Please help.
  5. B


    i use download accelerator 5 for downloads, but some downloads do not start downloading through download accelerator ( as in how do i get this corrected?
  6. D

    broad band,in mumbai,which is ufc

    hey there, any1 can suggest that which is the broadband connection in mumbai which offers good speed ,unlimeted download at cheap rates.the problem is that my currnt isp(iqara)provides it for 900 and for limeted downloads at 550 for two months .so i want to switch as i have to do continous...
  7. R


    I frequently download large files (>50 mb) from the net but recently I am faced with a strange problem. I stack up my downloads in the day (download <10 mb) and stop them so that I can resume them in the night. But recently, the downloads start all over again and don't resume from the point...
  8. Q

    Looking for a Specific Download Manager Software

    I am looking for a specific download manager with these features. 1.> Can Split the download into multiple small parts and download it 2.> Can Pause and resume the download. 3.> Can have control on the number of downloads allowed simultaneously. eg 1/2/3..... Suppose i have 4 files in...
  9. P

    need e-books

    where can i get all type of e-books for downloads both in doc/txt and pdf formats??
  10. drgrudge

    Firefox Hits 100 Million Downloads!!!

    Firefox, the open-source browser which only went 1.0 in November, has this morning hit 20 million downloads. At the time of writing, the site's download counter reads "20,001,054" - it's currently averaging anything from 210,000 to 270,000 downloads every day. Asa Dotzler, from the Mozilla...
  11. N

    Internet Dial-Up Connection

    i have been a dial-up user for quite a while now, and even though i get connected at around 48 kb/s, still why file downloads never exceed 5kb/s, can anybody help me with this?
  12. Choto Cheeta

    where windows XP updates are stored in my system

    i use windows XP with SP2..... my autometic update is on.... on system downloads the update autometicaly..... but to where...... as i need to backup the update files that windows downloads autometicaly to install them of line in next reinstall of my system.......... is it possible??
  13. S


    hey guys.. can u refer to any links that offer polyphonic rintone downloads on PC.. do help me out guys
  14. S

    querry karoake in winamp 5.05???

    i wanna know how to play lyrics containing file in winamp.i tried using this software namesEviLyrics that runs in parallel with player and downloads all the lyrics but does not highlight the words being played. any music fanatic here plz help??
  15. T

    How to download with firefox?????

    Hey you all geeks out there. I use firefox or opera as my browser. The download manager of firefox is a babe. Well there are some links which are applicable only for IE users i think. These go like this: Right click to download...
  16. D

    No download, please HELP!!

    Whenever i try to download something from a site) using download managers like Net transport, Flashget, DAP etc. i get an Http error in all of them. But i can download the files using the default download method. But i cannot resume the downloads that way. Is there any way that...
  17. T

    Can't Download JPEG Image

    Well! I have a 3 MB Photo uploaded from a cyber cafe in my rediffmail e-mail account as an attachment. Back home I try to download in by clicking on the download like for attachments, download starts in a new window but only downloads a portion of it and then stops ( I am using an Dial -up...
  18. swatkat

    What is BiTorrent?(Or is it BitTorrent?)

    Hi, I want to know what is BiTorrent?Why it is used in downloads (links)?
  19. B

    IS there any Graphical User Interface for PHP

    Am so sick of trying to make php code and wasting lot of my time, as am a web designer ,, so is there any GUI for PHP which automatically generates php codes and makes my development fast and good and easy.. plz let me know , be really thanks full to ya ll.. and also a particular downloads...
  20. H

    Nokia 6600 downloads for Indian Users

    Any Links to Nokia 6600 downloads on the Net. Especially which can be transferred via bluetooth to Cell or Purchased on line in the country. regds MEL
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