1. quan chi

    please discuss here some of your views about doom3 and other horror games..

    well guys i like horror games. and i heard a lot about doom3 being the best horror game. and i searched for it but didnt get it.once i managed to get a pirated version of that game.:D.but it didnt worked:x.the cd was corrupted.:x well i have finished land of the dead road to feddlers green.i...
  2. M

    games that can be played by 7300?

    Hi ppl i am on tight budget n upgrade my graphics card for agp8x mobo.I think 7300 suits my budget.Can it play 1. FEAR 2. Farcry 3. Doom3 4. Gta Sa 5. GEARS of War 6. Crysis? Thanks whats difference between le,gt,ve versions?Thanks once again.
  3. M

    suggest agp 8x grafix card of 4k

    hi ppl i want to buy grafix card of upto 4k which can play fear dar cry doom3 gta sa smoothly . i need 2 yr futureproof card . thanks:-)
  4. MambaXL

    Gaming on GMA x3000 (G965 Chipset) !!!!!!!!!!!

    hi guys, i want to know that can i tweak any internal settings for a gma x3000 chipset to boost gaming performance ? please educate me on using those setting (like those opengl settings in intel's control panel). I use the dx90c dec redist, but still many games lag in performance, even DOOM3...
  5. A

    whr r DOOM3 savefiles located ?

    hey guys i jst installed the game doom3 on my rig..the game is freakin awsmeeeee........... the graphics r totally rok on.. bt i need help... WHR R THE SAVEFILES LOCATED.. ???? plssss lemme knw guys.. thx...
  6. A

    What is the Best Card.....

    hey guys can u tell me what is the vdo card to play games like budget is 3000-5000...Is it possible???
  7. R

    Doom R.O.E & DOOM3

  8. J

    doom3 sux half life 2 rocks

    doom3 sux becoz of gameplay value.monsters ,zombies and dirty creatures almost give my 160 kg uncle heart attack.but rocks in uncle is recovering but still want to end the game.the last dragon nearly takes 1 hour to kill. :D
  9. S

    Prince of Persia Warrior Within prob

    i have i915 . and 1024mb ddr333. pop ww is giving only 2fps while doom3 gives 20fps ? why ? solution ? THANX in advance
  10. R

    Good graphics card for the masses.Here is the answer!

    Did anybody saw this review at THG? Serious performance at affordable price (less than 100$, may be 8000 INR here). If somebody can bring it from US, u get 50 plus frames per second in DOOM3 and HL2 at 1024x768 @ less than 4500 Rs
  11. V

    Doom3 and Quake are becoming Open Source!

    Check out: and
  12. M

    Good motherboard for doom3

    I want 2 buy good motherboard.Is GIGABYTE GA 8I915G DUO a good choice?Will onboard intel gma 900 be able 2 run doom3 smoothly without additional graphic card?
  13. F

    Hey I shopped at

    Hey Guys, I shopped for a XFX6600 128 MB DDR at for Rs.7500 with free shipping! XFX6600 rocks in doom3 for sure...... recommend this 4 everyone who is tight on cash and yet wanna play doom3. The service and product quality is amazing and the product got delivered...
  14. A

    Doom 3 How to get FPS

    Hi guys I just Brought CPU : Sempron 2200+ MB : Asus A7S8X-MX {2 SATA/8 USB/LAN} RAM : 512 MB DDR 333 HDD : 80 GB Audio : 6 Channel Video : Integrated SIS Mirage (128MB Shared) + AGP 8X I am running Doom3 demo How do i Know what FPS ( Frame per second ) i am getting What is...
  15. H

    Doom3 stutters with Geforce 6600GT

    hi all, doom 3 is giving me a problem. My pc config is: Amd athlon64 2800 512 mb ddr ram geforce 6600gt 128 mb 160gb pata hdd while running doom3, it stutters many times, mostly when im in front of a door, it pauses or stutters for 2 or 3 sec and then the door opens. it also happens...
  16. D

    Your Favourite Monsters[pun intended]

    Hi guys. You can list out your scariest monsters here. The ones who are the usual pain in the neck and prompt you to go and read the cheatbook The Pinky Monster in Doom3 for me!
  17. G

    Doom 3 - RoE Trailer

    it's out, it's dam out The expension pack for Doom3 in all the respects, graphics, gameplay Doom3 - Ressurection of Evil will be released on April 1st week, however the trailer is out A must include in Digit april DVD For screenshots...
  18. T

    (((((upgrade help needed)))))

    got an intel810e celeron 1.3Ghz 256md sd ram and i want to spend 16k for an upgrade so everyone please suggest some conf. so that i can atleast play doom3 :?:
  19. kunwar

    Why doesittake too much timein loading a saved game in DOOM3

    MY 2 Ghz pricessor takes about 4 min why?
  20. G

    Doom 3 : Resurrection of Evil

    The first ever official Expension pack to Doom3 is coming soon, the release date is not yet announced This takes part 2 years after the original Doom3 story, Batrugar is still in Hell, you are a different Marine , helping a different doc, Gamershell has some info...
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