1. Anorion

    Call of Champions - Cross Platform MOBA

    So Spacetime Studios just announced their new MOBA XOdGB1Ke8fA There will be a beta phase, for both iOS or Android. All matches will be timed, and there is only one arena. As of now. 2 lanes, 2 towers, 3v3. more details on gameplay here. 40 champs designed as of now, but only 20 will be...
  2. TheMost

    Share market software

    Guys my father is trying to make some small profit over the stock market. He is asking whether there its any software that would automatically update the status (rates) so that he doesn't all the time wanna go to the website to check the price. I donno anything regarding that...I searched...
  3. P

    Help the guy please .

    Intel Core i3 530---9,000---16,000 Intel DH55TC---5,000---10,000 ATI HD EAH 4350---2,000---16,000 THIS IS THE STORY OF MY PC AND HOW I GOT RIPPED OFF WORST IN MY LIFE.. I WAS A SMALL KID 13 YEAR OLD MAYBE..I WAS A FANBOY OF PC GAMES ... I HAD A LOT OF MONEY .... GODDAMN I SPENT IT ALL...
  4. expertno.1

    Bangaloreans Help Me !

    Where to buy Acer 5740G with this config :- ATI mobility radeon 5650 gpu , core i5 , 4gbddr3,500gb hdd , etc . in Bangalore , i am new here so i donno where to go and search for . EDIT :- Getting this on thursday , paid rs10000 advance . but the dealer is trying to get this on tuesday...
  5. M

    how to cnvrt a thread into "sticky"?

    i hv a thread...named "best antivirus"...which has over 5000 views...and about 200 posts... i think its preety compatible for being a sticky i donno hw to do it??\ wat is the procedure..!?? thnks in advance manan
  6. S

    PC Config reqd urgently

    Hello everyone, Well i require a config for my PC. I have monitor and kbd/mouse etc. I just need config for CPU and my budget is around 25k to 28k. And i use my computer for gaming, and i work on s/w like max, maya, photoshop etc. My problem is actually i donno which processor to buy as...
  7. S

    Alarm Clock

    Is there any program which would act as an alarm clock, and start up the PC at a designated time, and thereafter give some kind of audio alarm to wake up someone? (considering that the PC is placed on a table by the bedside) Donno if this is a very stupid kinda question...:cry: Thanks n...
  8. R

    pci e grafix cards...which one 2 choose

    hi friends i hav pc config.........amd 3000+,MSIrs480,512 ram.... i need a grafix card...around 4k...... which one 2 take... 7300 adn 7600 series are there....but donno price and which one is better....there is also GS n GT two versions....which one is better
  9. M

    best cellphone around 7K

    hi i am looking for a good cell phone around 7K. I need mp3/camera with about 32mb memory (no need of any exp. card) LG M6100 fits my criteria but i donno anything abt LG phones. Any suggestions ? alternatives?
  10. AshishSharma

    Convert Anything...

    While browsing Internet I landed on to this cool website, you can convert any file from one format to another from the website itself donno who effective it'll be for files with large size : Go ahead try it out :)
  11. Ricky

    user of Idea Rs. 500 pm GPRS service.

    Well, is there any guy in the forum who uses Idea Rs. 500 pm GPRS service ? Well, I am asking because i am willing to switch over this but it seems that their is no one to take care of customer as CC itself donno much about it.
  12. shashanktyagi1

    related to dos

    in windows xp is there any way to access dos during bootup(or afterwards if possible) without a boot up disk. cause my floopy drive is not working and donno how to make boot up cd. it troubles a lot during reinstallation of windows.
  13. hack expert

    Has anyone tried making a CS video

    well i have all the softwares reqd but a demoplayer refuses to work named ' geekplay ' under win xp i donno watz the problem but it does not start in xp if any one has tried please help me out
  14. X

    a problem with customisation in windows xp

    hi dudes 'n' dudettes, i have a small problem in my system. sometimes, when i customise my folders and icons, and then restart the computer , then they revert back to how it was originally. i donno why this happens. the icons become ordinary ones and the...
  15. S Problem !!

    Hey anybody knows how to use .. it is offering free 90 MB with php mysql 9gb b/w ... but donno how to upload files to it.. how to login to the ftp server ? it is running linux .. help needed guys !
  16. T

    Virus Virus Virus Help! Help! Help!

    My Computer is infected by a virus which changes the username and dialing number to something which I donno what is in the whole world I ask for HHHHHHHelp!!!! Tell Me What To Do?[/b]
  17. saROMan

    Suddenly my xplorer starts..???

    when ever i connect to INET .......after some time....suddenly my xplorer starts n take me to this page......its for Kaaza d/l i donno waz it some kinda Spywere????
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