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  1. P

    Want to buy a Wifi Modem[Modem+Router]

    I am looking for ADSL2+ Modem+Router [Wi-Fi] for BSNL Broadband.I am fairly impressed with Dlink 2750U N from flipkart.I have a 2 floored home with 1500 sq. ft .I am using a Desktop PC & a Dell 15z laptop. 1. Is the modem have any issues? 2. Do you have any other suggestions...
  2. H

    Blocking devices on a DLink ADSL-Wireless Router

    I have a DLink 2730U ADSL cum Wireless Router with Airtel broadband and wifi. As everyone in my family has a wifi-enabled device, I want to know the procedure to blocking a particular wireless device from accessing the wifi. I have read about the MAC filter but for that I guess I'd need the MAC...
  3. D

    configuring dlink dsl 2750u for bsnl

    can any one plz provide stey by step guide to configure dlink dsl 2750u for bsnl..... i need to configure for wireless also
  4. montsa007

    DLink 2750U - As New with Complete Warranty at throwaway price

    Sold on TE Forum, please close 1. Model number and details: - DLink 2750U ADSL2+ Modem Router 2. Date of purchase: 24-4-2012 3. Reason for sale: Does not work with MTS Mblaze Modem, I assumed it does. Switching to TP Link Now. 4. Warranty details: Shopkeeper said 1 year warranty, bill provided...
  5. montsa007

    Dlink 2750U + MTS Modem = Unhappy Me!

    I bought this DLink 2750U to tether my MTS Mblaze connection. I am unable to proceed anywhere, please help :( I use Win 7 64Bit.
  6. quicky008

    How to setup Dlink 2520 ADSL router for PPOE connection

    I've recently purchased a Dlink 2520 router for my BSNL broadband connection.To configure the modem,i used the setup wizard that was provided in the accompanying driver disc.Now whenever i turn on the modem,it connects to the internet automatically. Earlier,i used a siemens adsl modem that had...
  7. I

    Problem Setting up Wifi Network using Dlink DIR-615 and BSNL UT-300R2U

    Please HELP!!! me set up wireless network using Dlink DIR-615 router and BSNL modem UT-300R2U. I tried doing it myself but the internet disconnects frequently. Then to reconnect i have to restart the router.Without the Dlink router, internet works fine. I want to set up a network so that i can...
  8. C

    Problem in Sharing Internet over network!!

    Hi, i have been trying to connect my Dlink GLB-802C to Linksys E2000 via a Dlink switch!! i am able to connect to internet to all the pcs in the network, but the connection is slogging and the often drops off,even if i am using just a single machine. and i am not able to connect to internet...
  9. B

    bsnl wimax help needed to configure router

    i'm using bsnl outdoor cpe wimax. i want to use wifi on my dlink dir 300, i also called dlink helpline but the problem is when i change ip add in lan card properties to router ip add manually or obtain automatically, it revert back to previous ip add feed by ISP.plz help or suggest router for wimax.
  10. tango_cash

    problem with dlink DIR600 router.......

    hi me and my friend share a internet connection, we have a dlink DIR600 router. we do not use the wifi, we both have p.c's. we use lan. earlier it was working fine but in last few days when i switch on the router the power and internet light remains orange. and me and my friends p.c's...
  11. sanads

    dlink glb802c adsl lighr come after long time

    dlink glb802c adsl light come after long time, also disconnect the net every now and then.broadband line is ok........................please help me
  12. B

    What is the differnce between Airtel Wifi and Dlink Wifi ?

    I can't understand this question. If Airtel gives you Wifi modem in Rs500 than why you will take Dlink or netlink at Rs2000+ ????
  13. D

    problems accessing a wireless router with another router on the network..

    hey! i have a DLink GLB-502T ADSL2+ Router to which i have 10 computers connected via a switch.This router provides net access to wired connections.I also have a DLink DWL 2100aAP wireless router connected to the SAME switch which provides net access to wireless laptops. Now my question is how...
  14. praka123

    Router for bsnl dataone under Rs2000????

    I want to purchase a router for my dataone H500 plan. I dont mind if it is wired or wireless.the thing is it should be stable and reliable. Dlink GLB-502 which my neighbour uses is getting hot ! Any other options under 2K?:confused:
  15. R

    which brand of router to choose?

    hi wanted to buy a new wireless adsl router. which brand is good? netgear , linksys or dlink. is there anything to choose between them or all r equally good?
  16. hemant_mathur

    Win XP 64 bit doubts

    I am evaluating win xp pro 64 bit ver. Trying it cause 32 bit ver doesn't use the full system ram i have. I have drivers for all my hardware except for Dlink router (502T). I want to ask how many use 64 bit windows and is it worth the shift ? Any suggestions ? Also where can i find 64 bit...
  17. iMav

    Wi-Fi Hardware Suggestions

    first up this is what i want to do: an existing wired lan to be made wireless consists about 6-7 machines and then an airtel broadband to be shared over this network ... all wirelessly now i went seraching and decided to go for dlink desktop adapters cosing around 1300/- a peice now the router...
  18. ilugd

    How to install wifi card Dlink - Centos 5

    Hi, I have a Dlink card on my computer and i am not quite sure of its make. How do I find out what model the card is and how do i get and install the drivers? I am running centos 5. I just a few days ago installed vlc, mplayer and enabled ntfs support, so i am quite new to linux. I don't...
  19. abhinav_bipnesh

    Problem with DLink ADSL 2/2.0+ 2640-T

    Hi! I am using DLink 2640-T ASDL Modem for my Tata Indicom Broadband connection which support the wifi access. the problem with this modem i am facing it is that if i define any new rule to forward the port for my torrent application it loose out its setting when i switch off the modem & agin...
  20. R

    Widest range wireless router?

    Could someone recommend the widest range wireless router to be used for internet access in a large house? Around 1500 sft into 2 floors. I already tried to use a Dlink DI524 wireless router with a DWL2100AP in repeater mode. Didnt work for me despite various attempts with Dlink support for...
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