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  1. sauravktr

    Dlink Glb 502t

    How to configure DLINK GLB 502T ADSL2+ Broadband Router For Multiuser Use Such as in Internet Cafe? I am using BSNL Dataone connection.Plz help me out guys.Waiting for replies.........:( :( __________ Hello Guys plz Help Me!!!
  2. MakeWayForTheBadGuy

    FS: Dlink DI724P+ Wireless Router.

    FS: Dlink DI724P+ Wireless Router(cum access point). I have a Dlink DI724P+ Wireless router for sale. I had purchased this router about two months back for Rs.4600, and about 10 months warranty is still remaining, whih can be claimed anywhere in India. It is in perfectly working condition (as...
  3. montylee

    DLink Modem with MTNL broadband

    Hi, I am planning to purchase broadband connection from MTNL. Instead of renting a ADSL Modem, i want to buy a modem myself. MTNL is renting DLINK 502T model which is essentially an ADSL router. (http://www.dlink.co.in/dlink/Products/broadband/dsl502t.htm) Now, i don't think i need an...
  4. T

    Dlink price in Rs ????

    hi, can anyone let me to an a site where in i can get the prices of all the dlink items in Rs. all the sites that i have come accross are giving in $ which is a making me confused as conversion of the value is really diferenct which i ask the local dealer. if there is a difference in small...
  5. linardni

    8 Port Switch...

    What is the cost of Dlink 8 port Switch?
  6. S

    modem connects always 14000 bps

    my modem is 56K dlink it is connecting only with 14000 bps.i have tried all options & settings too but it's no use please tell me what could be the problem my modem is good
  7. S

    Which Modem? USR vs. Dlink

    Hi all, Which Modem should I go for, Internal or External? Which Modem should I go for US Robotics External Modem 56 Kbps (Is this discontinued) DLink External Modem 56 Kbps DFM-560ES D-Link 56 Kbps Internal Modem Other, please specify Warranty & Prices in the Mumbai region of...
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