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  1. webgenius

    Broadband disconnection

    I have a dataone broadband connection. When I first switch on my modem, after about 5 minutes, connection seems sluggish and gets disconnected for 5-10 seconds. It happens every time. How can I overcome this?
  2. niku_19jan

    getting disconnected

    i m getting connected thrgh broadband connection....but now from two weeks whenever i m trying to upload some stuffs to any site(eg:rapidshare) i get disconnected whether the file is small or big....i m frustated....also happens when i try to download something but if i surf for 2 or 3 hours...
  3. Digit_Dragon

    disconnected network drive...help

    Hi all, I got a problem....my friend connected his Digicam to download some photos through USB cable... After downloading he removed it without disconnecting the network drive....now I have a icon with disconnected network drive in My computer....is it possible to remove it without connecting...
  4. koolbluez

    HELP!!! Why is my BSNL modem disconnecting always?

    I recently took the DataOne connection and now always get disconnected frequently. It happens always, almost every 1/2 hr... Message got: Connecting to communications device... Error 678: Remote computer didn't respond. Why is this piece of cr@p showing up always...
  5. C

    Outlook Express Send/Receive problem

    When I click on Send / Receive button in Outlook Express, The existing internet connection automatically gets disconnected. The dialup dialog comes again for reconnection. Even after getting through this also the connectioin gets disconnected when I click on Send / Receive button. Every time...
  6. phreak0ut

    ADSL modem woes

    I'm using a BSNL broadband connection on the modem which they have given. The modem model is MT882. The problem is, I keep getting disconnected very often. The ADSL link lamp goes off, comes back again in a stable green and changes to a stable orange for a while. Then, it gets disconnected...
  7. nil_3

    Setting alarm after DataOne disconnection.

    All DataOne Broadband users are very much familiar with it: the line gets disconnected and it never returns unless you power off and on your modem. How an alarm can be set so that whenever it gets disconnected the alarm will ring up through the speaker.
  8. sagardani

    help!! prolem with my MODEM........

    i've motorola sb5100 usb cable modem.. but it gets disconnected after sometimes.. its connected to my pc at usb port.. so when connected, theres that icon "safely remove hardware" appears in taskbar.. but after sometimes it gets disconnected & that icon disappears and also the local area...
  9. M

    Modem Compatibility with Linux

    Hi all, I m facing problem with compatibily of modem on Linux. I m using D-Link 562E++ modem. This modem works properly with other Linux applications but with particular application where i m trying to communicate with the server through this modem, it gets disconnected in middle. Well...
  10. U

    Sudden PC STOP!!!! HELP URGENT!

    While browsing web my PC suddenly stops responding! And also it starts responding again after 1-2 minutes. And Net gets disconnected! I use Sancharnet! Please help me with this!
  11. S

    Monitoring internet connection

    My internet connection gets disconnected automatically.There are no spywares or worms or trojans or viruses on my comp .Is there any way to monitor internet connection at wht time it get disconnected and how to check at windows firewall tht how much traffic it blocked.
  12. I

    modem problem- iamtulipin

    i have intel celeron processor...and win 98...after sometime i installed winxp too on it.....but the modem that i had didn't work on win xp....so i bought a D-Link modem.....but it get disconnected in 2-3 minutes both on win 98 and win xp...what could be the reason.
  13. fanatic

    Internet gets disconnected after every 5 hours :(

    I have a Ras PPPoe over ethernet internet connection. As I keep PC on 24/7 for downloads, my internet disconnects after every 5 hours. I just need to know, is there anything I can do from my side, to stop this annoying problem of internet getting disconnected after every 5 hours. Is it my...
  14. S

    My nokia phone

    i have a nokia 7610 and have my gprs activated and i can veiw the net on the phone. is it possible i can connect it to the computer to browse. i have the usb cable and its modem drivers Another thing my dial up modem gets automatically disconnected after some time my modem is a new working...
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