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i m getting connected thrgh broadband connection....but now from two weeks whenever i m trying to upload some stuffs to any site(eg:rapidshare) i get disconnected whether the file is small or big....i m frustated....also happens when i try to download something but if i surf for 2 or 3 hours then nothing me plzzzz....
help me there anybody who can help me???
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try calling ur broadband provider......may be something doen by ur braodband minimize uplead and d/l....:D

As i also face similar problem......when i d/ by utorrent.....if i am not surfing it stops and if i am surfing the d/ling goes on and on....:x

piyush gupta

Cyborg Agent
Try one thing

check ur ipconfig by

Command prompt type


see whats ur DNS Server

now whenever u start u net

on command prompt type
ping <DNS Server address> -t

dont close window

enjoy uniterrupted net

i use it whenever i got diconnected on my dial up years ago

also u can create a bat file

open notepad type
ping <DNS Server> -t

save it as Net.bat
or give name u like

now after connected to ur internet connection just run this batch file and dont close it till u r online

If u have any issues let me know
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