1. kool

    Micromax 353G disconnect automatically after i connect to the internet ! :(

    Micromax usb modem 353G disconnect automatically after i connect to the internet? OS: Win7 32bit SIM: Reliance 3G sometime it works fine, but most of the time it get disconnected immediately after connecting.
  2. cray.x

    Karbon tab: USB OTG problem

    hello all i have recently bought a karbon tab that is karbonn smart tab 3 blade which runs on ICS, I'm having a very strange problem whenever i connect a pendrive or a HDD to it and press the sleep button the device disconnects on its own. i want to know is this normal? is it meant to be like...
  3. TheMost

    Auto Disconnect and connect from net !

    Need a software to Auto Disconnect and connect from net at specific times to bypass trafic limits from file hosting services ! Using Win7 x64 bit ! :grin:
  4. kool

    Modem is "ON". Will data tarnsfer w/o dailling?

    Hi guys, i want to know that if my modem is "ON" But i didn't connect INTERNET by dialer, is there any possibility of data transfer or data usage? because i sleep at 12am by switching ON modem & PC. I'm using "BB Scheduler" to set timer for Dialer Auto Connect at 2:10am and Disconnect at...
  5. J

    Internet Disconnect frequently

    Hello friends , My Internet Disconnect frequently Its connect only after I disable and enable my Lan I am facing this problem from Last one year. Its disconnect after 15 to 30 min. I Change my LAN card , modem but my problem didn't solved but when I connect my Internet to another PC...
  6. Nithu

    Extra 30 minutes in DataOne??

    Hello friends... Hey Im using BSNL 500+ combo plan. If i disconnect my connection at 7:55 am and reconnect immediately do i get extra 30 minutes??
  7. naveen_reloaded

    Urgent : Motherboard issue

    Guys today my dsktop stopped working.. i checked.. the video doesnt show but my motherboard green light is present on the board. my mother board is Intel 915 GAV the processor fan starts spinning for a sec and stops there after when i try to boot... wht is the problem please help ... i...
  8. ajaybc

    BSNL night Unlimited ULTIMATE GUIDE

    This is a complete guide for downloading during the night free hours in BSNL home 500C plan.I have tested these myself and have been using these for a long time. I use a UTSTAR 300R2U router.There are 2 methods.Method 1 if your motherboard is newer and has option for setting the automatic bootup...
  9. icekid

    Vista connects internet automatically

    My System: Inspiron Desktop 530 OS: Vista RAM: 2GB Intel Core to duo. Problem: Internet connects automatically in Windows Vista and I cannot disconnect. When I forcefully disconnect i.e switch of the modem a message comes up "Remote connection problem" or something. I did a virus scan using...
  10. A

    Nokia PC Suite problem

    Hi Yesterday i downloaded the latest version of nokia pc suite Today my BSNL Student SIM got activated Everything is working in Nokia PC Suite but the problem is i am unable to send SMS The SMS is stored in the Outbox and when i disconnect the phone the SMS's that i have written is sent...
  11. BBThumbHealer

    Big SATA DVD-Writer Problem

    Hello Guys, I m having the AsRock 915 GL Motherboard... i got for myself a Samsung 20X SATA DVD-Writer With Octoedge ( SH-S203 ) today.... Now when i plug that onto my mobo and power up the computer , the PC starts displaying vertical and horizontal white lines , and i m just stuck at the...
  12. ashfahan

    Auto dial broadband

    Sir I am using BSNL home 900+ plan. I want that whenever i start my computer , it should autometically connect to net.I dont want to press dial everytime( As i m using utorrent and at night sometimes my comp restart or the connection disconnect). OR is there any setting in utorrent to...
  13. V

    Should I disconnect USB devices before restart/shutdown ?

    Is there any need to disconnect all the USB devices before restart/shutdown ? Is there any need to disconnect USB device like a modem that we use often ? If I didn't disconnect, will there be any chances of hardware failure ? I'm hearing a beep during POST(Power-On-Self-Test) when I had kept...
  14. A

    auto connect

    hi...guys i need to auto connect to the net at a specific time..also to disconnect it...i have been searching for it for months..so far i could only disconnect at a specific time...but not get connected..pls help
  15. keep_it_rl

    Automate My Computer......

    Automate My Computer......IF ur good at scripting plz check this thread Planning to go on a holiday...and i have decided to leave my pc running when i am gone.......... So i am looking for a application....... which can schedule task to happen at a certain event........ For eg...
  16. Ecko

    Want 2 Disconnect

    If anyone can give me a .bat file to disconnect from dialup :?:
  17. R

    ppoe problem

    I changed the driver and even changed the NIC but the problem continues..... I surf internet through ppoe. After surfing for few minutes the internet seems dead. If i ping google or even my gateway it times out. So the only solution is to disconnect and reconnect. But the problem is if i...
  18. Tech.Masti

    How to disconnect unwanted incoming call automatically?

    My old SE T230 had a feature by which i can disconnect incoming calls from unwanted nos automatically but my current phone miss the feature, i want to buy a new handset with that feature.....and it should have FM stereo, and EDGE class 10, please suggest a minimum priced phone with these...
  19. C

    System Hangs whenever disconnecting from Internet Help!!!!!!!

    I'm running win XP SP2. I've 56kbps internal modem. From once my computer began to hang whenever I disconnect my PC from internet...Only way is to press reset button. Pls help me immediately....
  20. D

    *.tmp.exe files

    there seem to be a lot of *.tmp.exe files disguising themselves as tmp files in c:\windows\temp, and they show up in task manager too. i think it is some kind of dialer/worm, and one of its actions seem to be to disconnect the PPPoE connection and disable it further(though i have no idea why a...
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