1. ariftwister

    Cost of msata ssd?

    What is the cost of 64gb msata ssd? What is difference between normal ssd and msata ssd?
  2. dusu94

    Difference between Gtx 650ti 1gb and 2 gb

    I wanna ask a question that really what is the main difference between 650ti gtx 1gb and 2 gb...? *www.hwcompare.com/ i went to this site and they said the cards were similar so why the hell is the 2gb version expensive and what is the main difference between the two....?
  3. vanpr7

    HAF 912 vs CM Storm Enforcer

    Guys I'm planning to buy a new cabinet n I wanted to ask which one is better between CM HAF 912 and CM Storm Enforcer. Please do keep the difference in money in mind as there is around a 2000rs difference between. So is the enforcer worth the 2000 difference or shall I go for the HAF 912...
  4. sandyss

    LG optimus L9 or l7?

    Hey, I just wanted to know wether The lg optimus l7 (saw it on flipkart) is much slower than the L9 ? I mean ,will 512 mb ram in l7 be bad for gaming and should i get the L9 itself? :-? Is there a great performance difference between them? thank you..........
  5. R

    Dell IPS vs LED

    There is been a lot of confusion regarding the DELL ST2220L and DEL S2240L ? Which is better . How much is the cost difference between IPS and TN LED. Which 1 should I buy ?
  6. T

    Whats the difference between Galaxy Note 800, 10.1 and yet to come Note 8.0

    Guys, Im really going crazy figuring out the difference between Galaxy Note 800 which is superb, the Note 10.1 and the Note 8.0 (Not release yet). :pullhair: What is the major difference between them. I see the Note 8.0 being more on the simple and multimedia side :? while note 800 to be a lot...
  7. zacfx05

    what is the difference between lenovo g480 and b480

    Hello friends, i cant make out the difference between the two G480 and B480, since both have similar configs and price, can someone (Lenovo users) shed some light in to the matter. is there any quality difference or is there any features missing with either of the one. i cant find g480 in any...
  8. D

    What is The Difference Between IPv6 and IPv4? HOW WILL IT EFFECT MY MACHINE ?

  9. sumit_anand

    Samsung Galaxy S IV

    The rumors about the leaked pics and specs can be easily found through the internet these days and from what I have seen is that there isn't much difference between the specs and pics of S3 and S4,,,so what's so new in s4 this time?
  10. V

    Difference between these phones ...??

    I want to know the difference between these phones...Specs look almost same.. Sony Xperia Acro S Sony Xperia SL
  11. N

    Portable Hard Disc

    Are Hitachi Touro Mobile and Hitachi Touro Mobile Pro different models of portable drives? If Yes, What is the difference between them?
  12. V


    the frequency of 3rd gen i3 and i5 intel processors is comparable(2.4ghz and 2.5 ghz),the prices however have a difference of around 5000.practically how are they different?
  13. bajaj151

    Wireless USB adapter under 1k

    Requirement : Compatible with Windows 8 64 bit Compatible with Asus RT N13u B1 Budget : 1k (will increase if required) 1) What is the difference between 150mbps and 300mbps adapter...range or file transfer speed? Any suggestion ?????
  14. O

    Difference between LED TV and LED monitor.

    I'm thinking of upgrading my computer, and I'm going to buy a new monitor. Is there any real difference between a full HD TV and a full HD monitor, apart from the fact that the TV can show the TV? Will buying a TV and plugging it to a computer be the same as a monitor? :)
  15. P

    Which TV to buy

    dear All, I want to purchase a 32 inch LED/LCD full HD/HD ready TV: Please suggest a model my criteria are Budget--around 30-35k LED full HD preferable (what I learned is at 32 inch there is not much of difference btwn full HD and HD ready, is it so---but considering price difference I can...
  16. shaunak

    External / Portable Hard Disk - 500G to 1 TB

    Hi, I am in the market for some external storage that I can lug around. My primary requirements are to store some processing data [20-30 GB each set = total may be 300GB-ish (Prediction)] and papers / articles / text books [5 GB ish] and some songs/multimedia [ 5 GB-ish ] . So I figure I need...
  17. ranjitsd

    is it safe to buy from russian steam

    is it safe to buy from russian steam becuse price r lower and near 200 rs difference
  18. shreymittal

    Difference between adsl and dsl router??

    Difference between adsl and dsl modem router?? Because i am changing my broadband provider from airtel bd to nextraworld fiber cable bd the agent of nextra bd told me that adsl2 modem router will not work with fiber bd and i have TP-LINK TD-W8961ND 300Mbps ADSL2+ Wireless with ModemRouter??
  19. C

    What does $message and $$message mean?

    I would like to know the difference between $message and $$message. I am not getting it properly. Hence, explain it with example.
  20. S

    Difference between Intel B75 & H77 Chipsets

    hello everyone, I want to know the Difference between Intel® B75 Express Chipset & Intel® H77 Express Chipset.. Thanks in advance guys... :)
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