1. V

    [urgent] GA-Z87MX-D3H vs GA-Z87M-D3H

    I see two motherboards. GA-Z87MX-D3H and GA-Z87M-D3H. There is a difference of 2500 in their cost. I don't see any comparison between them in any forums. From the Gigabyte website, the differences that I can see are. GIGABYTE Ultra Durable™ 5 Plus Technology instead of GIGABYTE Ultra Durable™...
  2. bajaj151

    Difference between: Seagate Expansion & Backup Plus ???

    Is there any difference between Seagate Expansion & Backup plus other than backup software is included only in backup plus hard disk? I am asking this because there is 0.5K difference between the two..
  3. sam_738844

    4K vs UHD

    Over the last year, the terms UHD and 4K have become so conflated that TV makers, broadcasters, and tech blogs are now using them interchangeably. Let me just say this now: 4K and UHD (Ultra HD) are not the same thing. Yes, as far as the consumer is concerned, there isn’t much of a practical...
  4. beingGamer

    competitor to R9 280x

    Hi all, again clearing up one of my doubts. I knew from several sources from this forum & other sites that AMD cards consume more power than NVIDIA cards. I am confirmed to go with R9 280x whenever I will be going to buy the new pc for myself. But just for the information, which will be the...
  5. T

    Is sleeping nude a healthy option?

    Is this a myth or does it really make a difference when sleeping nude? Is it better for our skin?
  6. V

    Is Philips SHE3590 better than Philips SHE 9700?

    We all know that Philips SHE 3590 is the next version of the successful philips SHE 3580. Philips SHE 9700 is also an excellent earphone but an older model.When I compare both of them, they are almost similar.But the price variation is >600 . So can anyone tell me if there is any difference...
  7. T

    ultra low processor(ulv) in gaming with gt740

    can this ulv performs good at gaming like gta 4 ,battlefield 3 ? if yes then ,how many fps difference we will see in that? i5-4200U with gt740 vs i5-3230M with gt740 which is good with overall?
  8. Sarath

    Has the gap between PC and Console finally been overcome?

    A few days back, I jumped into the middle of a discussion (fight) about consoles and PCs to ask my query. Why is that graphics dont seem to be improving anymore? All the fight about PS4, Xbone, PS3, PC, now they all look the same to me. I was told that hereon there wont be any visual changes...
  9. B

    Do half HD and full HD look very different?

    I'm thinking of getting a new computer, but in the beginning I'll be using the integrated graphics on Intel. Later I'll save money and get a better graphics card. The monitor I'll get is a full HD one, the Dell 22 inch one that is recommended in most configs. Right now I have a laptop with 1366...
  10. N

    Nokia Lumia 625 or 720

    Should I buy Nokia Lumia 625 or Lumia 720? 625 is cheaper than 720. I wonder what's the main difference between these two models Please help.
  11. B

    Need all round laptop for around 55k .

    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) around 55K 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? 15" would be enough unless i can get bigger laptops for the same budget touchpad with win8 gesture support 3) Are there any brands that you prefer or any you really don't like? a...
  12. P

    career in web designing/development

    I want to pursue my career in web designing, can some one name some good institutes which gives quality training. Also what is the difference in web designing and development? I am confused and need some guidance. I will sincerely appreciate your help.
  13. gautam_dey66

    What Is The Difference Between All These Same Model Processor?

    I see a lot of i5-4570 here but I d0n't see i5-4570k, why??? And what is the difference between all these different model of processors of i5-4570??? Somebody please explain me. Thanx. 4th Generation Intel® Core
  14. M

    LG Flatron CRT TV Beeps 1 second , no Display

    I Don't know whether this is the correct section for Troubleshooting TV Problems,so, Please let me know if This has to be moved somewhere else. My 6 year old LG Flatron 21 Inch CRT TV has started beeping and there is no Display. the time Difference is around 1or maybe .80 Seconds. Please...
  15. R

    GTX 670 or HD7970

    A friend of mine going for either GTX 670 or Sapphire HD7970 Dual-X. His usage is Gaming in 1080p with single monitor. Which card should he go for? I tried looking for it all around the internet and I can't decide what to do. I know that the 7970 is a better card, but if there isn't a...
  16. avichandana20000

    Ssd required

    Need a 120GB SSD.(6K APPROX) Pls Suggest. Also want to know the difference between OCZ AGILITY 3 SATA 3 120 GB OCZ VERTEX 3 LOW PROFILE SATA 3 120GB
  17. S

    Networking between Windows 7 and Windows XP

    Hi! I have a Windows 7 Ultimate personal PC, 2 Windows XP work rigs and a Windows 8 laptop. Thanks to the home group facility in win 7,8 I was able to easily transfer,stream files between the laptop and the PC. I want to bring this functionality to windows xp also. But it is very...
  18. RohanM

    True HD IPS vs TFT

    Whats the real difference & which one is really good ??
  19. P

    Difference Between Regular AMD processors And AMD Black Edition CPUs

    What is the major difference between AMD FX-6100 and AMD FX-6100 Black edition processor??:-?
  20. A

    India, micromax 352g dongle, doubt?

    i am using micromaxx 352g dongle for surfing. when i download or surf on internet then there is a lot of difference in the bandwidth shown by the browser and the one shown by the data counter software of micromax. such a difference is there in all the other models of micromax too(micromax 353g)...
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