1. thetechfreak

    Difference between 1080i and 1080p

    What is the difference between 1080i and 1080p?
  2. M

    Buy mp3 player original or chinese

    Hello! I wanted to get experienced opinion as i m planning to buy an mp3 player. I want to buy an apple ipod shuffle but my friend reccomends me to get the china fake ipod as the price is very cheap and there is nt much difference in quality. I wud like to knw about the quality difference as it...
  3. rahulbalmuri

    whats the difference????????

    hey guys i need to know the difference b/w MSI's R4870-T2D1G-OC and PALIT 4870 DuAL SONIC 1 GB......... also which is the best third party vendor to go for......MSI or PALIT or SApPHIRE or XFX what else????????
  4. P

    Western digital caviar Black"- 1 TB - WD1001FALS

    I would like to know the price of Western digital caviar Black"- 1 TB - WD1001FALS model price in india.. Everywhere i try they get the green hard drive and say no difference and i know there is a difference.
  5. asingh

    1 GB 4870 vs 512MB 4870 (Palit- Dual Sonic)

    Will the extra 512MB on the 1 GB 4870 Dual Sonic - Palit really make a difference. Will the 1GB GPU give a FPS gain of >10 FPS..or less...relative to the 512MB card..?? The price difference is: ~Rs1,600 (as per itwarez website) I use a 19" DELL Screen. Would want to play at the highest...
  6. rajwansh2003

    Oracle Simple Question

    Is oracle freeware? if yes how to download it. and what are the new version of it. what is the difference between i and g in 9i and 10g
  7. Q

    LCD Monitor BenQ

    hii guys , i will be purchasing a BenQ E220HD soon , and would want to know if the inbuilt speakers in the monitor .....would interfere with my already existing 2.1 creative speakers .....? , and i would also want to know the difference between E220HD and E220HDA ? , and i would also like to...
  8. MetalheadGautham

    BE(IT) vs BE(CSE) vs BCA/MCA vs BSc/MSc(CS)

    Well, whats the difference between these 6 courses ?
  9. A

    Need info on BSNL DataOne modem

    I know that the difference between BSNL Type-I/II and Type-III/IV modem is that the former has only ethernet and USB port while the latter has wi-fi connectivity in addition to ethernet and USB. My question is what is the difference between a Type-III and Type-IV modem? They cost the same. I...
  10. amitabhishek

    HTC Touch 3G or HTC Touch Viva?

    My brother has zeroed down on these phones and has asked for my "expert" advice. I have never been much into Winmo so I am slightly confused. I have checked their specs on the net and didn't find much of a difference. However what I understand is there is major difference in their prices...
  11. pickster

    Macbook worth buying?

    Laptop Around 60 - 70 K My mom needs a laptop. Basic requirements are that it should be sleek and lightweight (good looks are a bonus :) ). And it would be really nice if i can play some games on it. I was thinking about the Macbook. She really likes them. We can spend around 60 - 70 K...
  12. K

    static and dynamic ip??..

    can anyone plz tell me the core difference between static and dynamic ip??
  13. A

    what is Quirks mode .......? topic-HTMLand Browser

    Hello, What is Quirks mode .......?and difference between standard and quirks mode?
  14. H

    P 3400i or the Touch Viva? Is it really worth!!

    While browsing through GSM arena (*www.gsmarena.com/compare.php3?idPhone2=2527&idPhone1=1885) & comparing both the 3400 i & the Viva, I have found that the Viva scores only on 3 points. 1. More of Rom/Ram. 2. Win Mob 6.1 3. Touch Flo. But, the 3400 i also has all the rest features...
  15. K

    LCD Vs Plasma

    Can any one of u say the difference between LCD and a Plasma TV??? :confused::confused::confused::confused: What LCD TV is best at present????:confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:
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