Laptop cant detect phone anymore

Hi guys, im using Sony Xperia M
Today i used my DVD ROM for the first time this year and after that my PC cant detect my Sony Xperia M
It shows the device like this

I uninstalled it, and plugged it in, same problem
I updated the drivers, and it shows it as a MTP USB Device and says my drivers are up to date..but the yellow exclamation mark still exists
The phone supplied a PC Companion suite which cant detect my phone anymore
I went to Sony website to get drivers for this phone but they only offer PC Companion suite as a means to install its USB drivers and stuffs
My phone gets detected in any other PC and laptops. only in my laptop is it detecting like this

BTW what are those 2 "bluetooth pheripherals" with yellow exclamation marks?


Uninstall PC companion. Now plug in your phone. This should work. I've found that most of the times those "pesky"companion apps are useless.
PS- I can connect my moto g with mtp without any specific drivers.
Or you can also use USB host driver by Intel.


I uninstalled the PC COmpanion too, same problem.

Is there a way to , you know, reset all the friggin drivers. At one go. Because today my SD Card slot stopped working, and the laptop refused to detect USB devices connected to my laptop cooler's USB Hub.
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