Safe to record screen ?

I want to record videos using Screen Recorder.
In the site, there is banner "Copyscape"

Is it safe to record video ? Can they detect who recorded the video ?


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I don't think, they can "detect" if someone recorded it using a screen recorder.

But, the legality of it, might be an issue though, and may not serve in the best interest of people who don't want it to be copied.
In another words, it's p1r@cy. And one thing which you can infer is, you can't use the video which you record for any kind of commercial use. For eg, in a blog.


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hey....I have same problem
Have you tried doing so....
Can really a website monitor whether we are recording using any screen capture software....


^^Yup it can ...but explicitly or if one has opted for the same.
Webmasters should have proper infrastructure for that.
Its simliar to any other kind of data tracking or activity tracking ,using cookies ,similar to what facebook uses.
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Online video..protected by Artistscope

then u can't use alternate ways to download the protected video from there site...if u can then good luck

else u can use some screen recorder such as Camstasia Studio.
don't worry they can't detect what u r doing in your desktop :mrgreen:
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