1. thewisecrab

    Been enrolled in Web designing contest, need help

    As the title reads I've been enrolled in a web designing contest (being the most computer-centric person among the class) :( The rules are: 1)Make a site using any FOSS or Script it on your own (CSS.XHTML,etc) Topic will be given on the spot 2)Upload it onto a free web host with domain...
  2. D

    Web Designing!!

    Hey, plz do suggest me some good web designing websites. Tutorial based websites would be welcomed. You can consider me of as amateur level though advanced topics would not be a problem. And of all, the most important, plz suggest me a good platform to publish the site with- should i go the...
  3. Cool G5

    Theme Designing queries

    1) I want some icons for designing s60 themes. They should be 256*256 pixel in size and should be in .png format. SVG's are preferred. Any site where I can get ome good 3D icons set? I did a lot of googling but failed to find any worthy. 2) I want to change opacity level of an image. Say I...
  4. shirazhansen

    Need Help Assembling a PC..

    Hello everybody, I'm trying to assemble a PC for Beginner - Intermediate level graphic designing.. Apps used regularly would be ones like 3ds max, maya, flash, photoshop etc.. My budget is around 30000/- So far, this is the best config i got.. (without Graphics card) -C2D E4600 2.4GHz -2 GB...
  5. DigitDonz

    Where to get free templates ?

    Dear Friends, Do you know any websites that offer free professional templates for web designing and for blogs ( Blogger ) Thank You in advance,
  6. C

    web designin

    web designing hi i want to learn web could i???????
  7. P

    Wallpaper making software ..

    I need a wallpaper making / designing software. can anyone suggest a few good wallpaper making / designing software.
  8. Gigacore

    Theme - My New Site for Themes, Wallpapers and other Eye Candies!

    Hi guys! After three days of setup, now its time to announce my new site/blog which is dedicated to some good themes, wallpapers, icons, templates and more. I started this site coz lots of people were asking me to share the themes and wallpapers that i use often. So...
  9. harryneopotter

    Prob in Designing a Hindi Website ....

    Hi Friends ............ I need ur help in designing a website with the entire contents in Hindi ....... Plz tell me how to do it with minimum of fuss ....... Means wat bout the ppl who dsnt have hindi fonts installed in their system ........ i have to upload the font also .. but how to...
  10. azzu

    My photoshop work :D !!!

    As inspired by gaurav iam not a big or good photoshopper but a good hand car designer (sketches) :D just tried to do something quick work a gamer's heaven cam:8.0 MP autofocus MEM:16 gb MEM (ext to 32) Os:MOBUNTU (new mobile ubuntu :D ) call it Nokia,Se,Moto,.lg....watever u like designing...
  11. aditya.shevade

    Website Designing + License....

    Hi, I am designing a website. A personal one. With some articles and tuts and stuff. And a blog, and my photos. Now, I have seen, on many sites, a license that says 'Some Rights Reserved', under some terms. Where can I get this kind of thing? Is it free? Please. I have no idea...
  12. iMav

    MSN India Education

    MSN India Educatio Got curriculum and career related queries? Feeling burdened and confused? Write in to our experts who will help you carve a niche for yourself in advertising, business or something offbeat...
  13. Vishal Gupta

    SUGGESTIONS: Laptop in 55K

    Hi guys Need ur help. ;) One of my buddy need a laptop, mainly for his buisness use. He'll also do designing on it. His budget is 55K. So pls suggest a good laptop in this range. :)
  14. N

    Web Designing

    Do u people have any idea wat do i need in order to open a Web Designing company (except place) ? We wud like to sell domain email address n also maintain da client's site.....Please give any info which u think dat can be useful. Thank in advance
  15. bhushan2k

    Want to learn Web Designing and Visual Basic

    Hi frds. I want to learn web designing and visual basic for my next year preparation. Can anybody suggest me any kind of books for these subjects? Also tell me in Web designing what should I cover? HTML DHTML Flash Dreamweaver Photoshop or any other?
  16. pritish_kul2

    Architect's Software

    I need a software for designing a home.i had one but lost that. it should be 3D.
  17. Kalyan

    Need decission abt lappy/desktop

    Hi all.. I am planning to buy a new pc/lappy. I am in a lil' confusion on which one to buy. I play a lot and I need the pc for some 3d designing stuff and also java programming. so, I'm gonna need a good performance one. My friend is in US and he told me that he could get a lappy for me. I...
  18. R

    Simple image editor for amateur web designing

    what would be a recommended simple image editor for amateur web designing? more specifically for creating images for buttons, etc. and ofcourse something free too :)
  19. R

    Wanted Fast Track To Web Designing :: July Issue

    I am from meerut, U.P. I desperately want the fast track to web designing shipped with the july issue. If anyone can give it to me plz reply here, with what you want. thanx!
  20. S

    Web Designing

    Have any new tricks about web designing? Post here
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