1. go4saket

    !!! Beginners Guide To Starting A Web-Site !!!

    Hello Friends! As many of our forum members have been asking stuff about web designing, points to remember which designing a web site, hosting etc, I came through an ebook which I am sure will be of great help to all those people. I have uploaded the same and you can download it from...
  2. M

    Jewellery Designing Software

    Jewellery Designing Software Required .....
  3. T

    Microsoft Access : How to select table while designing Forms

    Hello, While designing MS Access Forms, (in the manual method) I was at a loss as how to select a table/tables based on which the form is built. can anybody help...? lovingly, thomaskparkash
  4. himtuna


    Which book is the best to lern HTML ? (Containing basic chapters to advance level web designing.)
  5. D

    How much Revenue should I take to design this Website?

    Hi, I am a newcomer freelance web designer. I designed two website individually. One of them is - Now, one customer mailed me his requirement. I know everything about designing and development. But I don't know the rates for Web Designing. Please help. Here are the...
  6. R

    Web Designing

    Web page creation for an insurance company.
  7. G

    a step by step web design guide

    hi all... now i have a new request for the geeks of this forum. i wish to build a personal website. it is to have a lot of data, pictures, and almost evrything one places in his/her personal site. so i want to know how to proceed. i also wish to know what are things like html, xml, php, mysql...
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