1. gdebojyoti

    Designed torrent site -> effect on my CV?

    I am a freelance web designer. How will my CV be affected if I include that I had worked with a torrent site (the web designing & coding part only)? Please note that in the future I may join a company for a full-time job.
  2. sanithkk81

    What should I do after getting benched?

    Hi Folks, I am working as a software engineer in one of the top IT services companies in India for the past 1.5 years. After training period(3months) I got deployed in RCP plugin project(support role) for 3 months. Then I worked in designing UI for an aerospace entertainment device for 9...
  3. I

    Need system for graphic Designing 30k. Corel/PS cs5.

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Generic answers will not work. Be exact and avoid the word 'et cetera.') Graphic Designing 2. What is your overall budget? If you can extend a bit for a more balanced configuration, then mention this...
  4. A

    Job at Digit?

    I'm a tech-head. Have always been one. Since I was 3 or something. While I don't have a formal degree (I'm 17) in any IT-related field I know a lot and can apply it practically. I'm good with designing and have been single-handedly doing all designing related wok at school for over 3 years...
  5. K

    Need a low-budget PC for 3D Designing

    Hi, im planning an upgrade on my office PC . I'm going to use it mainly for Designing softwares like Autocad '10 and SolidWorks '10. The answers to the questionnaire are as follows : 1. What is the purpose of the computer? (Note: If you are planning to say multimedia, you will have to be more...
  6. clerkman1612

    How much minimum salary should be for web developer job?

    I m just 12th Pass(Commerce).I have done certificates courses in Tally,DTP,MS Office. I m soon completing Cetrificate in Web Designing Course from a local institute in Delhi. After It I will do Certificate in Web Development Course. In Web Designing Course, I have studied HTML,CSS,Images,Links &...
  7. clerkman1612

    Web Development course 4 months duration n Rs 8000 total fee?

    8-)I am already doing web designing course. My teacher said me it is 3 months duration + 1 month project duration. She charged Rs 9000 for it. Now I m also more interested in web development. She said it is 4 months duration course and charging Rs 8000 for it. Obviously I have not joined web...
  8. clerkman1612

    After completing web designing course,should I do job or further learn?

    I m doing web designing course currently.8-) In classes now CSS is being studied. I also posted a previous thread in this website's forum few days ago. So I should do a job immidetaly after completing the web designing course or further learn?My point is that for learning web development,which...
  9. @

    Good web designing company - B'lore

    Hi all ! My friend's Uncle needs to have his own website. So he needs info regarding web designing companies in Banglore. If you know any such good companies please tell me their Names / Contact No. / Website. Thank you :)
  10. clerkman1612

    how much time it will take for learning web development?

    8-)I am currently doing web designing course. I have reached upto CSS in it. But since I want to be a proffessional web designer and web developer, I want to know more about it. :reading:My teacher said me it will take 3 months for completing web designing course. So now I m wondering how much...
  11. techking_dinesh

    Need a Laptop for Designing

    Hello, I am into web designing. I mostly have the following appz open simultaneously on my PC / Lappy Corel Draw , Illustrator , Photoshop , Dreamweaver , And VLC media player ( Wrote this for an idea of resources consumed ) I am in need of a new laptop that can handle my designing...
  12. D

    will a career in animations and designing right for me?

    i have just completed my B.Sc. in zoology (hons.) from IGNOU but i am inclined toward making a career in animations and designing. i possess a good creative skill and a sound knowledge of computer. i am already familiar with various softwares for photo editing and designing. but i have a doubt...
  13. mysticdhaval

    New Here....

    Hey Guys! I am Dhaval From Bareilly,UP(INDIA) just joined the forum.... I didn't got an introduction thread so i made a one here.. . I am also a regular reader of Digit...xD I have done many courses of computers and I am here again to learn much from here... xD You can also Contact Me for any...
  14. G

    Help Improve my site.

    I have recently launched new site i.e. * I have explored some tourist places of Maharashtra and I need some suggestions to improve my site regarding designing, additions / deletions etc. to make my site perfect.
  15. D

    Please guide me choosing the right Course

    I am now presently in II PUC with PCMCs (Physics Chemistry Mathematics and Computer Science) Combination. And I am interested in Computers and want to work in my fathers industry (, website created by myself) after some years of Work outside(Around 4-6 years). I want to...
  16. pritish_kul2

    tshirt designing

    any tshirt designing site...
  17. T

    Good books for Web Page Desigining

    Please suggest me some good books for Web Designing which also covers topics like Java Script, PHP, MySQL, Oracle and other related topics of Web Designing. I bought a book by C. Xaviers but did not find it useful. Like when linking a database it did not mention how to create that particular...
  18. D

    Choosing the right course

    I am studying in 11th at present. And i am interested in Computers and want to work in my fathers industry (, website created by myself) after some years of Work outside(Around 4-6 years). I want to be connected with computer world so can u suggest an engineering or...
  19. dinesh_ddt

    what to learn in web designing?

    Hello, I'm interested in web designing and want to be in my coll's webteam what all should i learn and in which order should i learn them?? i know HTML and photoshop till now.
  20. gxsaurav

    Need Help, going back to Bangalore

    Well, it seems my days in Delhi over now. I have got a high paying job in Bangalore in Sourcebits Technologies for UI & UX designing. I will be designing UI for Apple Mac & iPhone applications :-D (yeah yeah, making the enemy look good). My Office is in Rajaji Nagar, anyone familier with this...
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