1. C

    Laptop for graphic designer under 50k

    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) Under 50k. 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? 15.6". Willing to consider smaller sizes if the specs are better. 3) What are the primary tasks you will be performing with this notebook? Graphic design mostly -...
  2. Raaabo

    3D printing spies

    If you're printing out designs for a prototype on a 3D printer, you could have your ideas or designs stolen. This wired article showcases examples of how people are able to recreate the design that's being printed just by recording the sounds the printer makes! The wonders of the spying world...
  3. B

    Logo needed

    Hi Guys, My friend has opened a new shop, Aaron Agencies. He needs a logo somewhat like this View image: Screenshot 2016 01 19 16 21 33 With the alphabet A's design like this View image: AA I request members who are good in editing to kindly design a logo like that. Thanks
  4. G

    Scratch Build- Metal Hero

    Hi… this is all about a new project, and this time it is a scratch build. The basic idea was to plan and design a cabinet that would hold the motherboard and all other accessories like GPU, cooling system, HDDs, PSU etc. in a most convenient way. Oh yeah, and it had to look awesome as well...
  5. omega44-xt

    Trends in Smartphone Industry

    Do you think the current smartphone manufacturers are just flaunting higher & better specs with each new flagship rather than concentrating on few points which really matter like design, battery life, usability, durability etc? Why does a normal person need a S810/808 or better processor when...
  6. nikhilsharma007nikx

    Design Colleges.

    Im planning to make my career in Design. Mostly industrial or product. I would like a few suggestions from my fellow mates. I was looking at NID. many of the google searches say that its among the top colleges in the world, for design of course. and after taking a look at the DAT sample paper...
  7. vito scalleta

    Career in mep design

    Anyone here has any idea about a career in mep design ? I ve been offered a job opportunity and I am not entirely sure if i should take it ...
  8. RCuber

    Logitech Is Changing Its Name to "Logi"

    Source Source 2
  9. Shah

    [Freelancing] Got cheated by the client

    Hello, digitians I am a student pursuing B.E. CSE and I work as a freelance programmer and web developer in my free time. My parent's don't know about me working as a freelancer and I just donate the money I earn to charity or I spend it on some of my other hobbies. This post is about how I...
  10. M

    Slim Black Phone with atleast 8Mp camera and Notification LED

    Im currently using samsung grand 2.Im planning to sell this and get myself a slim phone(No Samsung,just because of the poor design/lack of innovation in design) I was first going for devices under 10000RS but like the lenovo a9000,zenphone 2 but zenphone 2 is large and a9000 does not have a...
  11. P

    Review my Website

    Hello Friends, I renovated my website Complete Website hosting solutions for all types of website small business, big corporate, high traffic blogs - Hosting Fever. Kindly review my site and give your suggestions or changes for the website. Also gives your views about its speed, colour...
  12. A

    Need Solution for Bookmarking

    I know that bookmarking is one of the best technique for promoting website. But I want to know which one is right either 1 or 2 1. If I'll write "web design company in Mumbai" as a title with my website link and description ( note: here I'm writing everything about my website) 2. If...
  13. A

    Web Design forum List

    Hi guys, I need List of high domain authority web design related forum website list.
  14. mikael_schiffer

    WTB> IEMs in Rs1000- Rs1600 range

    WTB> IEMs in Rs1000- Rs1600 range What i want-- 1) A decent build quality, since i cant expect "good" with my pathetic state of 3rd world existence. My 2 month old Skullcandy Rhasta's left side volume has almost died and Soundmagic ES18 left side broke off in less than a month's time. They...
  15. C

    Samsung Galaxy S5, has Samsung lost the Android plot?

    The Samsung Galaxy S5 recd the least amount of hype, excitement and buzz of all Samsung flagship Android phones. The reasons are pretty clear, the S5 is seen as a catch-up device- evolving over S4 in terms of core hardware with no sign of pure innovation or any bold steps on the design front...
  16. Mr.Kickass

    Metal-clad Samsung Galaxy J goes official in Taiwan

    Okay folks, so for the first time Samsung sheds its cheap plastic image with this model. I have never used a Samsung phone nor will I ever buy unless it fits my needs but I am curious as to how this thing works out for Samsung team. Given that they have a reputation for bad, no wait, Really Bad...
  17. RohanM

    Porsche Design BlackBerry: The Most Beautiful Phone No One Will Buy

    The new Porsche Design P'9982 smartphone from BlackBerry instills a sense of quiet irony: This is BlackBerry's most beautiful phone ever and you'll probably never spot one in the wild. It's also one of the most expensive phones on the market (Vertu notwithstanding), selling for nearly $2,400...
  18. maverick786us

    Fractoral Design cases

    How much would fractal design define r4 case in indian market? Its a very good case, therefore I want to have it for my upcoming rig. Other option that I would consider is Corsair 650D
  19. Chetan1991

    Need help developing website for web development and design

    Hi everyone. The title must seem a little confusing. I'm developing a website through which I intend to do web development and design as a company. Here's an initial version (homepage only) : Website Hotshots | All-In-One Website solutions But since the topic is so specific its very hard to...
  20. N

    Laptops for mechanical student

    Hi guys, Im a mechanical student and i need a gd lappy for da softwares such as autocad/solidworks/pro-e and etc. and also for gaming. pls suggest a few lappys which can run these softwares lag free and games on mid/high settings and which are available in retail stores in India...
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