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  1. R

    How to hide a User Account?

    My XP Pro SP2 has 3 user accounts. When starting windows all are shown. Is there a way to hide one of them? Without deleting it, so that it doesnt show up when windows starts?? Thanx.
  2. eddie

    Vista's long goodbye

    Source: The Register Vista's long goodbye : Deleting files can take forever Windows Vista suffers from a bug that causes many machines to stall while deleting, copying and moving files, a flaw that has provoked consternation in online forums. "I've seen this bug in action, and trust me...
  3. E

    Ghost Folder

    Dear All I had a folder on my desktop(empty). I have been deleting it everyday but it pops up at the desktop every time. I have used all ways of deleting it, even tried renaming it but to no use. Pls advice what is this and how can i get rid of this problem. Thanks Gurpreet
  4. gofeddy

    deleting emails

    Hello, Generally, you can delete several emails(around 25-30) at once by ticking the DELETE ALL check box and then clicking on DELETE. But I have around 2000 mails in my inbox and I cant keep deleting 25-30 mails each time. So how do I delete all messages(2000 mails) at once?
  5. C

    Help me about GOOGLE

    My cousin searched for some things in google which should not have been searched for now the list is coming each time I log on google website. I have tried deleting the cookies and temporary internet files but it is no going. Please help me It's Urgent.
  6. M

    linux installation help

    i started installing red hat9.. but in betw a msg came telling tht there is no file system supported or something like tht..actually i do hav 10gb of free space which i made by deleting a partition..
  7. shaunak

    how to remove a theme

    I am using Ubuntu 6.06. I installed a few GTX2.x themes from gnome-look.org. I want to uninstall a few of them. how do i do it? I tried deleting the window boders, icons etc but am unable to remove the main theme. help.
  8. S

    Fooling Wikimapia

    Hi, I created a new place in wikimapia.but nobody is approving it so it is always in upcoming.whenever i try to approve it myself it detects that i am the creator and my votes don't count. Is there anyway i can fool it so that my votes get counted . I tried deleting all cookies,temporary...
  9. official

    _PAIbTN Folder in Images Automatically

    What is this folder.Even after deleting it it appears again under images.Please Help
  10. iMav

    folder not deleting

    i have this folder in my d drive which wont delete but if i copy anything to it, that file is accessible here's the funny thing if copy something to it and then delete the folder it goes to the recycle bin but at the same time another folder by the same name is created automatically ...... if i...
  11. E

    Unable to use Broadband

    I receive Error 720 when I try to connect to BSNL Broadband. I tried googling it, and it seemed like a Winsock corruption problem. (I tried resolving by deleting registry keys as specified at Microsoft's website. http://ask.support.microsoft.com/kb/811259) But it didnt helped.
  12. william


    Q earlier i was using norton antivirus but now i have uninstalled it . i want to now is there any harm in deleting symantec and symantec shared folder. please tell me also is symatec is a part of norton.
  13. A

    How to stop deleting history records in Firefox...

    I think my topic title made the question clear... How to stop deleting history records in Firefox... Many ppl use my pc and they keep on clearing the history or one or two of them remove specific sites.. i wanna stop them doing that.. plz help...
  14. P

    Hard Disk Formatting

    Can you please tell me if there is any difference between formatting a drive on the hard disk, and deleting all the contents (including hidden files) on the drive (for example C: drive)?
  15. M

    Challenge to your Brain(For Indian Only)

    Hi friends?? can anyone of you tell the way that how we can stop "deleting files option" that is kuch aisa kiya jaye Windows mein ki koi bhi humare system mein se files delete na kar sake its challenge to your mind. socho socho if you are unable to find answer mail me and ask but first try...
  16. the_moon

    Deleting History In Firefox??

    How do I delete Internet History from my PC if I'm using Firefox. My default browser is IE, so deleting history through control panel only deletes pages visited by IE. Please guide.
  17. B

    strange spyware prob

    i use limewire pro 4.2.6....now i find its shared folders forever cluttered with files like "harry potter crack" "counter strike crack" etc etc. Even after deleting them, they reappear. how to solve this prob?
  18. slugger


    I ran the sw REG Seeker provided with a recent edition of Digit. When I ran their Registry cleaning option, among the various items that could be cleaned, appeared this. Since it was marked in red, I am a little unsure of the consequence of deleting it. Firstly can anybody tell me what this...
  19. anandk

    what is c\windows\0 in Win XP !?

    In WinXP, in C:\WINDOWS\, u will find a text file named "0". If you open it, nothing is there in it. i wonder what its for. its always there, and pops up back, even after you keep deleting it ! anyone know !? :?:
  20. pirates1323

    Windows Xp services HELP

    My computer takes long time to boot up even deleting start up items. Please tell me some of the useless Services which should I disable. HELP !
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