1. W

    Can't Get Into Libraries Files

    My folders in the library folder(Document, video, music, and pictures) won't open. There's a green arrow appearing on the icon and the folders say Libraries-MS File if I click on them it doesn't do anything. My favorites in internet explorer are also showing the same green arrow. I've tried...
  2. R

    Unistall Windows8 URGENT ***

    I'm running Windows7 on my C drive. I also have Windows8 Consumer preview on my D drive with other Data such as movies,songs. how can i uninstall Win8 without deleting my data? or In Worst Case how do i get rid of it without affecting C drive ? pls reply
  3. Vyom

    Computers Could Cool Themselves By Deleting Information - by Quantum Entanglement

    Thats it. What follows next is a discussion on definition of entropy, information theory, thermodynamics, and quantum theory. Atleast I couldn't understand that! So please if anyone here can explain it in simple English, please do so. :confused: Article: Quantum Entanglement Means Computers...
  4. 2

    How to Create a partition in Win 7 without deleting the data

    I brought the new acer 5745g model with 500gb hard disk but it has no partition so i want to create the partition without deleting the data if any one has the solution to this problem please suggest me my operating system is win 7 home premium.
  5. M

    Deleting Registry keys

    how can i delete a registry key in vista? i tried logging in as local administrator to the PC. before deleting the key i am supposed to change the permission for that particular key, right? but when i am doing this the system gives an error message saying 'permission denied" the same...
  6. B

    IE8- browsing history

    One website address is not getting deleted from the browsing history of IE8 although all other addresses are removed on deleting the browsing history. Can I do something about it.
  7. Dr.tweaker

    how to change gmail id without deleting the account

    i want to change my gmail id without deleting it,,is is possible to do so,,my orkut account is also registered with that ID ,,so will i have to delete my orkut account too?
  8. K

    Purpose for what?

    Hi all, Can you recommend me a COMPLETELY FREE AND BEST SOFTWARE OUT OF EXPERIENCE, which is for deleting files purpose and at the same time, the deleted files should not be recovered by any means and which should enable deleting the LEFT files again completely by scanning the drive(s) for...
  9. JohnephSi

    LOCAL DISK C low space

    hy guys i ve 30 mb left in my 9.31 gb local disk c ...i ve 200 gb in total in my system...wht shud i do to increase this ..tried with all methods of deleting temp folder no use...immediae help needed.........plz
  10. Plasma_Snake

    Pidgin droppings

    Yes, I'm not able to connect to my Gmail account thru it, shows "Read error". What to do/ Tried deleting the account and re-enabling it too. Pidgin's version is 2.5.2
  11. G

    How to delete a .mov file??

    I have a quick time video i got from web and whenever i try to delete it or rename it , it gives me an error: cant delete , it is used by some other person or program!. Although i can play the video. i have tried to reboot and delete it but still the problem persists. as well as deleting the...
  12. L

    Help Deleting account

    How can i deletemy account from this forum or change name
  13. ashfahan

    Virusremover.vbs help

    HI there, Whenever i put any pen drive on my usb, my avast detect again and again virousremover.vbs file. It is not removed even after moving to chest or deleting it. Help.
  14. S

    Need Help in deleting a folder

    Recently in my system i saw a folder with no name. I tried to delete that, but it says some error. I have attached the error screenshots with this thread. Please help me to delete the folder.... Thanks in advance...
  15. enticer86

    Deleting account from forums

    Hi friends, Can anyone pls guide me towards this, ie, deleting my account from a BB forum?
  16. T

    Serious Problem... all .exe files deleting automatically

    Hi.. all I am facing a serious issue.. all .exe files are deleting automatically. i scanned my system with avast and avg antivirus but it doesnt show any kind of virus. only .exe files are deleting in all drives and all other files are not affected. I am using XP with sp2. Plz help...
  17. abhishek.bandodkar

    GTA San Andreas Application Error (URGENT)

    Thanks for the earlier tips by s18000rpm now at least the game booted up after deleting the .set from my documents and also deleting the security update.But now a new error comes up as soon as I've clicked on the icon: The instruction at "0x7c901010" referenced memory at "0x00000034". The memory...
  18. ComputerUser

    Adding space to OS drive

    I currently have 10gb on my C dive. I want to delete one partition which also has 10gb and add that space to the C drive. How can I do this without deleting the OS or formatting the drive?
  19. pc_game_lover2004

    Deleting Con folder

    Guys I received a mail that a folder named con cannot be created at desktop but i created it using dos but now it's not deleting please help me....:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:
  20. stellar

    Nortn Antivirus 2007 uninstallation problem

    I had installed Norton Anti virus 2007 but when when uninstalling the power went out. Now It can't be reinstalled nor uninstalled. Nor can it be manually uninstalled by deleting the folder where it is installed.doz it is active in the background. Any one got idea for it.
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