1. R

    boot up issue

    Hi, I bought the biostar z68 + i5 2500K I used my same old HDD and when i booted on, the pc boots upto the initial screen with tab and del as options but it stops there until i press a F1 and del and tab never works. When i pressed F1 for the first time, it showed a CMOS error and i loaded...
  2. edvin_158709

    Greatest things u have learnt by web

    My one of the main reason to start this thread was to bring by far all my knowledge,tricks and methods to use WINDOWS :windows: that i have learn from the web :reading: from troubleshooting :fencing: to maintenance as an Engineer for past one year i have learn many things which i would like to...
  3. A

    NTLDR is Missing

    Hi I installed fresh XP when there were 2 hdds in my computer. Later I removed a hdd in which i didn't install the OS . BUt without that HDD my system doesnot boot and says "NTLDR is Missing" press "ctrl alt del" to restart. My screen doesn't go beyond that. Please help me to solve the...
  4. rajwansh2003

    Graveyard for COMPUTER

    These are the few tricks to kill any computer I got it from my friend I have not checked it can any one check it !!!! To Format a C drive Copy/paste this into Notepad and save it as an EXE file (not BAT) Code: 01001011000111110010010101010101010000011111100000 If that doesn't work...
  5. K

    Nokia N79 queries

    I am using n79 and problem is that i am not able to uninstall my themes. I went to settings, there you can only change your theme, u cant del them. Nothing happens when you press C button and no del button in options. I even checked app manager. Currently around 35 themes are installed in my...
  6. Zangetsu

    how to close a hanged program???

    I got some games which were freezing with a black screen...& cudn't be able 2 come out 2 desktop either using [windows] + D or Ctrl + Alt + Del :mad: Is there any other way 2 do the same...using some app :D
  7. karthik55859

    what is this problem!!!!!!!can any one sort it out plz..

    hi guys,... i have an LCD 19"monitor viewsonic[using digital DVI-D cable] vx1945wb.... mobo is ASUS P5GDC V DELUXE, nvidia 6600gt.... 320x2 WD HARDDISKS config.. as raid[0] so what is the problem is .....when i turn on my pc display doesnt show the booting screen at all!!! (Like...
  8. G

    CTRl Alt Del Login screen not showing

    Few days back my PC infected with virus and trojans.Bit Defender identified it and deleted few files but after that safe mode didnt boot up(culprit from my understanding is rundll.exe in c:\windows\system32\rundll.exe). it shows the black screen with "safe mode" letter in each corner of the...
  9. enticer86

    Ctrl + Alt + Del not working

    Hi frnds, Attached image shows the screen I get after pressing CTRL + Alt + Del.. Theres no menubar. What could be the problem?
  10. S

    No more discrete chipsets from NVIDIA

  11. CadCrazy

    How to delete autorun.inf with command prompt

    I used dir/ah to view hidden files on c drive. Autorun.inf files is present there but when i try to delete it using "del autorun.inf " command , i get error file not found. plz help
  12. C

    checksum error

    hey guys i need some help... when i boot up my pc it says "CMOS checksum error.defaults loaded. press F1 to continue and DEL to enter setup". i press F1 and it boots normally. what does the error mean and how serious is it?
  13. bajaj151

    Airtel Broadband Users....plz help

    I am not able to port forward my connection ....plz help me... I am using beetel 220 bx......999 plan.....New Del
  14. H

    plzzz help got virus on computer

    hey hiii plzzz help me i have got a virus on computer i have del mostly all the virus but one thing is not going .on the toolbar near the time there is a icon like sheald . when i click the name i am redirected to another sitee plzz help me is there any seeting so that...
  15. Kaushal Hiwarkar

    Laptop Problem(Compeq Presario )

    I have a Compeq Presario laptop now the problem is that earlier my laptop is fine but now as I start my laptop, WinxP OS get loaded but I can't see my desktop Icon, My Startup(START), I mean to say that I cant see anything only wallpaper is shown.Mouse is working but as I click it can't do...
  16. C


    hey some body help me......... my comp is frequently getting stuck.. and when i press ctrl alt del ..... every time i find this thing called winodalp ..... i tried googling but no use it gives a few russian sites and thats it...... when i use auto patcher it gets stuck after 95% for...
  17. N

    How to handle files in VB?

    I want to use DOS commands like as COPY, MD, DEL, MOVE and so on in Visual Basic. How can I do that?
  18. ramprasad

    Ctrl + Alt + Del

    Hi I use Win XP with SP2. Recently I installed the OS. If I press Ctrl + Alt + Del, I am not getting the 'Windows Security' window, instead my Task Manager opens... Can u plz help me to solve this problem... Regards, Ramprasad
  19. K


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