Nokia N79 queries

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I am using n79 and problem is that i am not able to uninstall my themes. I went to settings, there you can only change your theme, u cant del them. Nothing happens when you press C button and no del button in options. I even checked app manager. Currently around 35 themes are installed in my phone but it showed only 3 or 4 of them. I was able to uninstall these 3-4 themes but where does others go??
Do i need to install additional soft for this? If yes then plz tell me the name.


Be CoOl rAp RuLeZ !!!
ohh now back up you phone and format the mmc and just reinstall stuff again

it is like you got 30 softwares installed in windows and you reinstalled windows now those software will not be there in add or remove some may work and many will not

you need to format your mmc
Oh damn ! But if its like this then all the new themes the one which were installed after updating of system software should appear in app manager? Even these new themes are missing !

I think solution to my prob is available here
I wil try this. However if any one knows an easier method or if thrz some soft which can easily help with this trouble then plz post it here.
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