CTRl Alt Del Login screen not showing

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Few days back my PC infected with virus and trojans.Bit Defender identified it and deleted few files but after that safe mode didnt boot up(culprit from my understanding is rundll.exe in c:\windows\system32\rundll.exe).

it shows the black screen with "safe mode" letter in each corner of the screen but ctrl alt del login screen will not show up. The normal boot was working fine till today.From this evening it also shows the same problem, so i could not log into windows at all. how can i rectify this problem.

i dont want to reinstall OS again as I have installed many applications.

Is there any way to
1. To identify what is going in the background while it is booting?
2. system restore from cmd prompt(recovery console)?
3.change the ctrl alt del login screen to normal xp login screen without logging into windows?
4. Is there any connection between ctrl+alt+del login with rundll exe?

PC config is:
WinXP SP3(RC),Bit Defender 2008, AVG 8.0,
My System is now free from virus and spywares


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Seems more than one problem with your OS. And it may possible that some more problems you face later.
i think it will be best for to repair your OS.
Boot from your os cd and choose repair or simply insert your os cd. choose install option.
then choose upgrad os.
it will repair your os.
you can't tell that your system is virus free since it had been attacked by trojans and worms!
the way is to get avira antivir installed and get the latest update. Run a complete scan.... then do what amir said...
usually, people set viruses to names such as svchost, rundll,UpdSrvetc...
To get a detection, use msconfig and disable all services and startups, then reeboot.
check taskmanager and if you find any such suspicious process, kill them, search them and ERADICATE Them
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