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  1. M

    Overclocking i3-530

    I have a 5-year old system, an Intel i3-530 on Intel DH55TC motherboard with XFX HD5750 Graphics card. I know the system is outdated, but it serves my purpose and I intend to use it for a few more years. However, x265 (HEVC) encoding in this system is tectonic-plate slow, which is why I have...
  2. N

    Semi Auto Washing Machine Under 12k

    Hello Dear Friends, Our old BPL washing machine is giving some problem and thanks to rats, its more now. Luckily, we shifted to first floor and no more rats but one decided to sneak in and cause trouble. So, we decide to buy a new one and I will be getting some money from...
  3. V

    Best business latop with a budget of Rs. 1,00,000 [USD1500]

    Hi, I wanted to pick out the best laptop available in India within this range. I looked at Samsung series 9 & Acer Aspire Ultrabook S7 392 but haven't decided on either yet.... I actually wanted a 15" screen and something light. Do u guys have any other suggestions? Thanks in advance :)
  4. K

    Looking for a not-too-expensive motherboard that can overclock the FX-6300

    Hi! I've finally decided to upgrade my E6750 2.66Ghz rig and after sifting through numerous threads, I've decided that the FX-6300 would be ideal for my gaming needs. I believe it should be able to handle all the new and the yet-to come-games at medium settings. I recently bought a...
  5. josin

    Fiio E17 USB DAC Headphone Amplifier its Back in stock in INDIA (wow!!!!)

    I have been trying to get this baby from a reputed seller in India. I made so many calls to Proaudiohome but they are unable for the time being to obtain the item. They are saying its on high demand and short on supply even in US of A. At last I decided to make a request to IBHEJO and they were...
  6. V

    i5 4440 vs FX-6300?

    THIS PC IS STRICTLY FOR GAMING PURPOSE nd WATCHING fHD MOVIES ONLY (no software related work)!! Now i know 6300 is hell of a processor for gaming but its "no igpu" bothers me. Right i have two config in my mind, please help me choosing (or give a better idea) 1) i5 4440 (or 4430 whichever...
  7. Harsh Pranami

    Which broadband service to choose???

    Which broadband service to choose in bangalore??? Finally I've decided to move to flat from college hostel. So I was thinking of taking a broadband connection. I googled and found hordes of broadband service providers in bangalore like airtel,bsnl,act,you,tikona,tata docomo,reliance etc. My max...
  8. J

    Gamepad buying advice

    Hello all I have a decent pc (WEI score 7.8). I play most of pc game with my deathstalker ultimate. But now I also decided to play some console games in it using emulators since I currently don't have money to by one. And playing console games with keyboard is a bit uncomfortable. So I...
  9. Theodre

    Laptop frozen!! Help Needed!!!!

    Here is the thing, My laptop is Samsung NP550P5C-S01IN!! I have a windows 7 and Ubuntu 12.10 Gnome remix running in the dual boot. Before one week i bumped into the fuduntu distro which is .rpm based. So i downloaded the latest version and i tried to write the .iso file to my pendrive, as my...
  10. bestpain

    gigabyte r7850oc 2gb

    I have an budget of 25 k in which i needed gpu,cpu,mobo,ram,psu. i had decided to go with msi 7770 in 8k,and also decided to do an crossfire in future. but after looking at the gigabyte r7850oc 2gb model i think its good enough....which is at 14 k....i am in love with it....but my budget...
  11. ShankJ

    New HDD @5.3K

    My friend has decided to buy a 1 TB external hard disk and given me the responsibility to find one within the budget(strictly 5.3K).. Presently have decided to go with WD My Passport which is available for 5.2K at Nehru Place.. Any other suggestions??
  12. S

    Need suggestions in Headphones for Rs 10K-12K

    Hi All,I have been looking around the net for quite a while,seeing other people's requirements , reviews ,ratings etc. But that left me even more confused so decided to get all your expert opinions to decide on mine.I have owned a lot of headphones / earphones for a long time.Mostly settled in...
  13. M

    Gaming Rig Budget 70k

    Iv researched a lot about what to buy in the current market scenario...and i came up with the following config for my rig: proc: Intel i7 2600k mobo: Gigabyte z77mx-d3h hdd: seagate 1tb vid card: Msi hd 7850 oc power edition psu: 750w cooler master ram: crosair 1600mhz 4gb x2 monitor...
  14. koolent

    Where to buy HD 6770 Twin Frozr II/OC ? What is the price in the market currently ?

    Hi, After a long time I have finally decided that 6770 beats 7750 in specs and so I have decided to buy HD 6770 Twin Frozr II/OC Edition but I don't know where will I get it, if I get it What is the price ? And please post the price or all the 6770 Editions.. Please.. So please post two...
  15. rohan_mhtr

    Got my first car !

    My 7 year old two wheeler TVS victor GL was giving me a lot of headache and hence i decided it was time to get a new set of wheels . My office was in mumbai central from last 1.5 years and i always used the fastest mode of transpot to reach there i.e the mumbai locals . But last year in june...
  16. sriharsha_madineni

    Need a travel tripod for Lumix FZ150

    Hi guys, after months & months of thinking between a bridge camera or dslr, I finally decided to get a Lumix fz150 for practical reasons. Now comes the dilemma of choosing a tripod. I intend to use it only for some night photography & long exposure shots, other than that I won't be using a...
  17. R

    Corsair Carbide Series 400R---Vs.---NZXT Guardian 921 RB 921RB-001-BL

    I need your quick help. I have decided any one of these two. About to place order. Which one is better?
  18. S

    Building a new Rig

    Building a new rig Will be buying most of it from Lamington Road. My usage: Virtual OS Video Editing - 1080p Gaming - Metro 2033,Crysis 2,Battlefield 3 Multi-taking - Multiple Games,Programs Web - Like 20-50tabs Multi-Display - Might do this in future,suggest separately for this...
  19. S

    Building a new Rig

    Building a new rig. Will be buying most of it from Lamington Road. My usage: Virtual OS Video Editing - 1080p Gaming - Metro 2033,Crysis 2,Battlefield 3 Multi-taking - Multiple Games,Programs Web - Like 20-50tabs Multi-Display - Might do this in future,suggest separately for this...
  20. A

    NEED HELP >>>>>Buying new motherboard.?

    Hiiii frnds >>>>>>>>> i hav decided to buy a new c.p.u so i hav decided to go for...... processor - AMD phenom II X6 1090T graphics card - ATI Radeon 5670...
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