Building a new Rig

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Building a new rig.

Will be buying most of it from Lamington Road.

My usage:

Virtual OS
Video Editing - 1080p
Gaming - Metro 2033,Crysis 2,Battlefield 3
Multi-taking - Multiple Games,Programs
Web - Like 20-50tabs

Multi-Display - Might do this in future,suggest separately for this


CPU - 2600k - DO i need 3930k?
Motherboard - Z68 - not decided which one - HDMI,DVI-D,USB 3.0,srt,LUCID LOGIX,7.1,etc
HDD - Which company reliability? - 3TB
Ram - 8gb - Should i buy 16gb,which brand?
GPU - 580,6970,7970 - full settings crysis2/battlefield3/metro2033,dual display - not decided
Case 600T White - Where can i get this in mumbai?
Monitor - LED IPS,24-27inch
Bluetooth Card - not decided
Wifi Card - not decided
Sound Card - needed?
Keyboard - Apple Wireless
Mouse - Magic Mouse
Optical Drive -
Router - Wifi N gigabit ethernet with indicators - not decided which one
Headphones - PS3 Wireless Headset
Speakers - not decided
Power Supply - How many watts and do i need 80+ RATING AND GOLD plated for long usages?
SSD - for SRT - should i go Hybrid Drive,SRT on board like gigabyte or SDD separately for SRT

Please answer the questions and suggest anything more


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