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My 7 year old two wheeler TVS victor GL was giving me a lot of headache and hence i decided it was time to get a new set of wheels . My office was in mumbai central from last 1.5 years and i always used the fastest mode of transpot to reach there i.e the mumbai locals .

But last year in june i got a raise and my office shifted me from mumbai central to navi mumbai's Mahape area . I myself reside in navi mumbai and hence i started going there on my 2 wheeler .I hate traveling by local buses and can go on and on about them this whole page but thats another problem to be discussed later .

As said earlier TVS was going nuts and hence i went and booked A Bajaj Avenger . Yes you read it right i booked A bajaj first . Soon tragedy struck , one of my cousins met with an accident on his two wheeler and suffered severe injury . He recovered soon but it meant doom for my new two wheeler dream . Dad told me to cancel the booking and mom even refused to talk with me if i went ahead with my decision on Avenger . To add to my irony even my girlfriend agreed with them who never complained earlier while traveling with me on my bike ! This is what i call emotional attyachaar !

We already have a Maruti Swift VDi and i used to take it to office for a month but that meant dad had to travel with uncle on his construction sites . Soon it was decided that we purchase another 4 wheeler and this time i decided that it would be my first one .
Budget was decided so that i would pay an EMI of approximate around 10-12k per month . My girlfriend with whom i am getting married this december was very particular about it and didnt want the EMI to be above our budget .
So the cars i started testing for around a budget of 6-7lackhs were VW Polo , I20 , figo and punto , all diesels since petrol prices were increasing like Pamela Anderson's assets .
All these cars were test driven by me but they did not seem like an upgrade to our existing swift . Another month went on and i decided on an entry level sedan . This would increase my EMI for 2k which made my GF furious but i convinced her its for the greater good ! :wink:

My options were Swift Dzire , Etios , Verito and base model of Vento . Again Dzire was canceled since its just a swift with a boot , verito was canceled because of its looks and taxi like nature , also one of my cousin has a logan . Went to see Etios and it looked just like a verito to me . The interiors were cheap and after driving it , no offence to anyone but it actually felt like a downgrade from swift for me ! Why Toyota ? Vento base model was featureless and yet expensive .Another month was passing and i was still undecided .

Fate seemed to have written something else and one day we got the news that the cousin which i mentioned earlier who met with the accident fell again from his bike and this time had his elbow fractured . This made dad come to his senses and he asked me what was going on or should he buy the car instead . I told him about the budget problems and lack of choices and my likes .
Next day it was a holiday and i was still at my bed . Dad walked in my room and handed over me a 2 lackh check :) He said this should solve the problem and i was bedazzled for a moment .

With an increase in the budget my choice was obviously the Vento highline model . But next day one of my friend told me about the new fluidic verna . Made a call and fixed a test drive . The moment i saw the car , it was love at first site . Even the test drive seemed fair enough .

There itself i decided on Verna CRDi SX model . But then came a bummer , Sharayu Hyundai of Navi mumbai claimed 8 month waiting period for the car . This was insane . Putting political pressure just for a faster delivery seemed ridiculous and hence i started looking for other options . The same friend told me about another new showroom in panvel called Kaizan Hyundai which was opened just few months earlier . Went there and they claimed 4 month waiting . Deposited 75k that day itself ( september 20th ) and started waiting . Father was not convinced even with the 4 month waiting time but i calmed him down .

Even with the addition of 2 lackhs my EMI increased by another 1k , i haven't mentioned this to my girlfriend . Hope she doesn't read this . Increasing the budget more wold get me a divorce even before getting married !:shock:

December went on and still there was no call from Kaizan . Finally on 12th January i went to the showroom along with couple of friends and as usual got the reply that the production was slow and they need another 2 months !
This didnt go well with me and after abusing them for next 10-15 days i told one of my relative who is a local politician to accompany me . Just one threat from him was enough for them and the sales manager agreed to deliver the car within 10 days !
Got a call after few days and they said my car would arrive on 10th february . So in all , around 1 month late then promised but i was happy this time .

Twice i had decided to cancel the booking and consider the VW vento and new Ford Fiesta but i am glad that i didnt !
Due to busy schedule and finding a good day , 20th february was decided as the delivery date . Later i was told that the car actually didnt arrive on 10th but on 15th . Lucky them !
20th arrived and i bunked my office , got to the showroom at 11 am and did the PDI that day itself .
ODO showed 67 kms and the rest of the PDI result was good .

Got no discounts from the showroom . Free accessories were floor mats , mud flaps , a cheap bottle of AC perfume , some chocolates which my friends cherished and just 5 litres of free diesel .

This whole experience was like choosing a bride ! Someone said it right , choosing a car is like choosing a bride .

Sorry for all the above boring details but i had to get it out . Now for the short review since i have completed 5 days and some pictures .

Looks :
Exteriors - Do i have to say anything , just look at some of the pics .

Interiors : Again i think its best in class . The fake wood finish and the choice of interior colors and materials speak premium . Build quality is ok . Front seats are comfortable and my mom likes the rear seats . I must admit that rear seating position is little low with slight less thigh support but bot a big issue .
Features : I wont bore you all with feature list , i bet all of you have already found out the wide range of feature lists of fluidic verna from net but one of my favourite is the reverse camera , its clear even at dark and i never felt this much confident while parking even with my swift .

Handling & Performance :
Now comes the main part . I have read so many issues regarding the handling of new verna . Let me tell you that the steering is super light and i like it that way .It is light and just what the doctor ordered for effortless scything through crowded urban streets and squeezing into tight parking spots . People driving trucks may not like it ! Even at highways it did not feel disconnected to me . I did not go over 120 yet . I will update results as days go by .
People who are complaining about the suspension and noise should sit in my swift . Roads in navi mumbai are a mess . One has to search for roads in potholes .
Low speed ride is good with the softly set-up suspension ably absorbing all but the largest potholes. Even at speeds between 80kmph i never felt the suspension giving up or thud noises mentioned by others .

Pick-up is good but i feel my swift accelerates faster ! You can feel a pull in speed only after RPM's higher then 2000 . All verna diesel users do one thing , on 4th gear remove your foot from the accelerator and observe that the car still moves above 50-60kmph . This tells us the power of the 1.6 CRDi engine . My dealer told me not to accelerate above 80 for first 1000km and i agreed . But the first day itself while taking the car from showroom to my house on the bypass highway while cruising i just looked at the ODO and was surprised to see that i was driving at 110 . Even at that speed the noise level was good and engine was super smooth .

Economy :
Engine is fairly tractable for normal driving and you don’t have to constantly work the smooth-shifting gearbox. Tall gearing may have dulled the diesel Verna’s performance but it has also enhanced mileage.
As of now i am getting 10-13 in city traffic which will surely increase after first service .

In new Verna what you get is smashing styling and really well designed and comfortable interiors.Also, low speed ride is good and the light steering is a boon in the city. And given the long list of equipment on offer, you do get a whole lot of car for your money.
Here are some pics that i have clicked . More detailed pics coming soon . Anyone who wishes for pictures from different angles can mention in this thread , i will try to click them for you guys .






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Congrats Rohan :)

And your dealer is correct, don't speed up above 80 kmp/h for at least minimum first 1000 km or for at least 5/6 months.

The car looks bold and beautiful.


Most wanted
Thanks guys .

Congrats Rohan :)

And your dealer is correct, don't speed up above 80 kmp/h for at least minimum first 1000 km or for at least 5/6 months.

The car looks bold and beautiful.

Well one cant resist , can they ?
Tried that for a first 10-12 days but now i am driving around 100 on highways .


Right off the assembly line
Congratulations rohan may you get many cars and i should say that your choice is very good I have read some reviews about this car on internet and I am very happy with the reviews so good choice.
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