1. josin

    Help need to decide on a 2 ton Inverter A/c

    I am in need of a 2 ton ac for a ground floor room of 22 feetx10x10 with one window in kerala. I am thinking of Hitachi/Mitsubishi heavy industries inverter model. Max budget is 65K. please help to decide me on a model.
  2. P

    Looking to buy cat 6 cable

    I am looking to buy cat 6 cable 15-20m cheap which actually has cat 6 speeds. There are a lot of them and i cannot decide which will be the best. Thanks in advance.
  3. M

    PSU suggestion for my system

    Time has come to replace my aging PSU and I am not able decide on the capacity and model. My system is as per my signature attached to APC BR1000-IN UPS. I have tried various PSU calculators on the net and the suggestion has been from 450W to 650W (which is a wide range!!). I personally want...
  4. C

    sennheiser cx 275s ya sennheiser cx 215

    I want to buy in the ear, earphones for Sony Xperia ZL. I found sennheiser cx 275s and sennheiser cx 215. But not able to decide which is better. My Budeget is around Rs. 2000/-. Please advise which is better. Thanks in advance.
  5. S

    Help me decide best Printer for Personal use

    I am looking to buy a printer. I am interested in these 2 printer 1. Canon PIXMA E510 2. HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 3545 Although Wireless is not a requirement. I want to decide based on cartage cost, refill and Printer Quality. Please help me decide. My budge is around 4 to 5 thousand.
  6. Soumik

    Need decent smartphone to work with Reliance

    Hi, So, i need a phone, which will work on Reliance network, will be able to work on wifi, and definitely android. Need it fast.. will be buying as soon as i decide on one. Probably this weekend. 1. Budget? <10K 2. Display type and size? touch ~4-5" 3. Form Factor? bar, slider, flip? bar...
  7. axelzdly1

    Mechanical Engineering,anyone?

    Hello edu-babus! Im currently in my 3rd year of Mechanical engineering in a not-so-famous college of Pondicherry (Central) University..I have a thirst for quality standard innovative technical academics(if you know what I mean?) and would do anything to get a hold on it..Somehow I need to...
  8. masterkd

    Galaxy S3 or Nexus 4

    Hi guys, Just received the info that Nexus 4 is on preorder in flipkart I was planning to buy an S3 soon but now I am confused between the two. So please help me decide. Thanks in advance.
  9. D

    any comment about this vaio S15125

    this is only laptop i found with Full HD screen any one here who have seen its demo model and comment please about its display quality and other issues it have please help me to decide a great laptop; SVS15125CN : S Series : VAIO™ Laptop & Computer : Sony India
  10. flyingcow

    NZXT Guardian 921 vs. CM HAF 912 w/ SP

    Guys please tell me which one should I get, the NZXT 921 or the CM HAF 912 with side panel. The difference is only 300 rs. ( HAF 912- 4600 NZXT 921-4900 Please help me decide, my budget is 4k And yeah, please tell why one is better than other. Thank you other components...
  11. C

    Anyone faced any problem with Sapphire hd 7870?

    Have anyone encountered the infamous black screen? if you did, how was the RMA service? Please reply. It's urgent as it'll help me decide between gtx 660 and HD 7870
  12. anirbandd

    Monitor within 5-6K

    Hi all!! Dear Mods, please do not move this to the TV/Monitor section coz the more experienced of the members are more active here. :) Now, business... Budget: 5K. Max 6K [try to keep it under 5K] Resolution: 1600x900 [not more than this] Size: greater than 16inches. Use: Mainly Gaming...
  13. R

    Android Phone @ 10K

    I wanna buy an Android phone with a budget of 10,000. Please suggest some good phones. I found some like Karbonn A9+, Sony Xperia Tipo, Samsung Galaxy Ace, HTC xplorer. I am unable decide which mobile should I buy. Please Help :-?:-?:-?:-?:-?:-?:-?:-?:-?:-?:-?:-? If possible plz provide...
  14. R

    Dell Gaming Laptop : Inspiron 15R Turbo v/s Inspiron 15Z Ultrabook

    Check out the configurations... Both seem perfect. Can't decide which 1. Plz help.
  15. anky

    cooling pad for HP G6-2005AX

    hello everyone... i am buying HP G6-2005AX(AMD A8-4500M/1.5GB graphics/4G RAM) and i need a cooling pad for this one, because i think it's very important while i am playing games.. so please help me to decide which one to buy, local or branded? if branded then which one..? thanks in advance..
  16. V

    Review needed. Cannot decide whic t.v to buy :/

    I can't decide between SAMSUNG UA32EH6030 and LG32LW5700. Please someone give me a review on them
  17. G

    bba and mba help

    please guys can you help me i am calling to thoe people who have done bba or ca ,cs or mba .wha exactly do you guys do like market stocks or what few months are left for january to come please help i have to decide soon. thnks comeon guys some one would be a mba here
  18. G

    Which DTH provider to go for?

    Hi, I'd just bought a 32" sony LED TV. Now , I want to switch to DTH and is confused about chosing one.... I'd airtel HD and Tata Sky HD in mind, but can;t decide between the two... airtel is a bit costlier though ...... Which one will be good to go for.....I mean whose picture quality is...
  19. mukherjee

    Internet on the go...Which one to choose?

    Hello friends...been writing after a loooong time :)) Well,I've run into a bit of a problem. One of my friends has got herself a lappy and was since using her Vodafone Mobile connect to surf :shock: !! Lately,she's realized the slowness :lol: of the things while doing it with Vodafone. Now...
  20. kartikoli

    Help me decide between 6850 VS 460

    i have an offer of sapphire 6850 @ 6.5k and evga super overclocked 460 @ 5800 [without warranty] please help me decide i will buy today itself * *
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