1. nomad47

    UPS required, any suggestions

    As power cuts are really low in my city I did not buy an UPS . But had some power cuts last two days and my system was on everytime. So I am thinking of getting an UPS. What are other options available other than APC? Configuration in my soggy.
  2. Desmond

    IBM layoffs strike first in India; workers describe cuts as 'slaughter' and 'massive'

    If I were in IBM this would be a nightmare come true. Source : IBM layoffs strike first in India; workers describe cuts as 'slaughter' and 'massive' :: Editor's Blog at WRAL Tech Wire
  3. ico

    AMD Rx 200 series

    no talk about them? I mean, a dedicated thread for talking about a $999 GPU which none of you will ever buy and no dedicated thread for a faster GPU @ half the price? R9 290X kicked Titan/GTX 780 in the butt and came @ $549. nVidia responded with price cuts. Now R9 290 comes in @ $399 and...
  4. frostbite

    iBall 5.1

    Hi, I have a iBall 5.1 Speaker Set. The problem is with my subwoofer, after running for 5-10 minutes it starts making loud burp sounds, cuts off audio and makes the sound, then audio then sound. What could be the reason? I tried changing the audio cable which connects it to PC/Mobile.
  5. G

    Power blackouts?

    Power crisis Live: 100 MW of emergency power for Delhi VVIP areas | Firstpost Hearing from two days, north india facing power crisis due to grid failure So is there long power cuts in delhi and other cities? Though there is 2 hours power cuts in hyd now.
  6. M

    Downloader that wont currupt files during power cuts..

    I want a free download manager, which will resume file download after power cuts and will not resume from start. currently I am fed up of power cuts in my area. files are getting corrupted and I have to start downloading files from start, after downloading hundreds of MB's. please suggest...
  7. iinfi

    Wireline broadband in Bangalore

    hi all could someone please guide me on a good broadband ISP in jayanagar area in Bangalore. i called airtel over 2 weeks back with constant follow-ups, but they dont seem to be interested. i was interested in their 4Mbps plan. does reliance provide wire-line broadband in Bangalore? which...
  8. kalpik

    Thinking of buying an Android Device

    Comments? Yea, i know its Symbian based, and i can live with that.. The thing i wanna ask the most is that are there any price cuts expected soon? The last time i bought my N82, 2k was slashed within 2 days :(
  9. paroh

    Microsoft confirms 800 job cuts

    Source Microsoft this morning acknowledged that it's making additional job cuts today -- eliminating another 800 positions around the world, spread across a variety of product groups. About a quarter of the job cuts are in the Seattle region, a Microsoft spokesman said via phone. The news...
  10. ravi_9793

    Reason of the Fibre cable cuts!!!

  11. D

    LCD Display cuts out during boot

    My LCD monitor (a BenqFP71E) wakes up from standby when my pc boots, but then before the first boot screen even shows up, the monitor just cuts out and goes blank (but my pc continues to boot properly). I can *eventualy* get it to boot without the display cutting out, but it requires a few...
  12. G

    Intel Price Cut

    Intel has announced price cuts effective 22nd July,2007. I would like to know if these price cuts are really going to restructure the market & your opinions on them. If so how much would the E6600 C2D 2.4GHz processor be approximately priced at. ( I know it would be better to look at...
  13. Edburg

    Intel Core 2 Quad 2.4 GHz at $266 on July 22nd

    I jjust read about the price cuts intel is about to intriduce in to the market on july 22nd. Imagine a core 2 quad 2.4 GHz at 266$.:shock: Awesome.I'll wait anyday for this kind of offer.This proocie currently seels for $530.Also price cuts for other quad cores are also on their...
  14. H

    intel's price cuts

    chk dis link out *
  15. M

    My baby is dying, Help oh mighty lords of the software troubleshooting forum

    Hello, Pardon me for the title of the thread, just wanted some attention. I've had power cuts in my area, and i don't have a UPS to save data, or safely shut down my computer. Well, one of these days, i had my computer 'go off' because of these power cuts around 3 or 4 times. What...
  16. dreams

    Suggestion on UPS..

    Hi all.. I need to get a UPS which has some good backup and warranty..I live in chennai and want to have a good backup cos power cuts are freq.. price doesnt matter..any suggestions.. TIA
  17. S

    Intel announces plan for global job cuts

    Source * Regards Sivanesan
  18. chesss

    AMd cutting prices by HALF!!

    * I am not ure how much time will it take for prices to reduce in India ( maybe someone will like to enlighten us here ) , but even so the price cut is huge. This has not been confirmed by amd, so its not certain, but many would say this was...
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