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  1. B

    BSNL broadband giving 10gb data per day @249 pm

    Highlights: 1. Under the new plan, customers can download '10GB per day' data by paying monthly charges of Rs 249 2. The new unlimited wireline broadband service plan will offer 2Mbps speed 3. Users can also make unlimited free calls to any network without any additional...
  2. P

    Reliance extends Jio free voice data till March

    In a move aimed at rapidly doubling its subscribers to over 100 million from 52 million now, Reliance Jio on Thursday announced the extension of freebies, including free voice call, and data services till March 31, 2017 through a “Jio Happy New Year” offer. “I want to announce today... that...
  3. TechnoBOY

    Airtel launches V-Fiber

    Airtel today launched ‘V-Fiber’ in Chennai that offers speeds of up to 100 Mbps. It is based on Vectorization, which is Europe’s No.1 fixed broadband technology. Airtel the first operator in India to use this technology. Airtel said that it has also upgraded local exchanges with equipment to...
  4. Zangetsu

    ChampOne S1 smartphone launched at Rs 501

    The company says that the price is only promotional and once the smartphone is launched, it will be priced somewhere around Rs 8,000. Interested customers can register themselves on ChampOne’s website for the flash sale which has been up since 22 August. Once registrations are done, customers...
  5. avichandana20000

    [Query] Lenovo...service centre for mobile

    Is there any SERVICE CENTER for LENOVO mobiles in KOLKATA? Lenovo Site is suggesting to buy online SOURCE and then again in News Lenovo Officials are saying that E-commerce sites are not authorised. SOURCE The customers are in the middle of the Cracked bamboo. Can any one clarify me on...
  6. swatkats

    Flipkart's trials: Myntra Sales dip 10% in app-only mode

    Flipkart's trials: Myntra Sales dip 10% in app-only mode in less than a week! FK bansals are keeping their brand Safe, Before implementing anything they do trials on other brands and now is the time of myntra, Never seen such people with low life.
  7. paroh

    Hackers compromise personal data of 600,000 Domino’s Pizza customers

    http://www.myce.com/news/hackers-compromise-personal-data-of-600000-dominos-pizza-customers-71814/ Hackers have reportedly stolen data of more than 600,000 Domino’s Pizza customers. A group of hackers demand € 30,000 before next Monday or they will make captured data public. The hacker group...
  8. A

    Is Dell cheating on Indian Customers ?

    Dell Inspiron 17R I7 4500U, AMD RADEON 8870M , 16 GB RAM and FHD display all in 75K....WTF ? WHY the hell isn't this laptop in India, Dell is holding back on Indian Customers...stupid americans and to think I have a dell laptop.
  9. Desmond

    Amazon Wants to Send You Stuff Before You’ve Even Decided to Buy It

    Source : Amazon Wants to Send You Stuff Before You’ve Even Decided to Buy It | TIME.com
  10. amjath

    NSA reportedly intercepting new devices to bug them before being delivered

    NSA reportedly intercepting new devices to bug them before being delivered Source You know which device they are talking about NSA is able to install spyware on all iPhones Source But the obvious reply from APPLE Apple claims it 'has never worked with the NSA' to create backdoors in any...
  11. Desmond

    Adobe will no longer roll out Creative Suites...makes it subscription based service instead

    Just a year after launching its $50-per-month plan, Adobe has made its Creative Cloud the only way to get the new versions of its full software suite. Customers "overwhelmingly" prefer it. Source : Adobe kills Creative Suite, goes subscription-only | Business Tech - CNET News A really...
  12. T

    Apple CEO's apologies for iOS 6 Maps App

    Apple CEO Tim Cook made a public apology for the new Maps App in iOS6. Since the map has been built from ground up, it will take a while to integrate all the features and commitment to its customers. Read more
  13. buddyram

    Amazon Merchant lures the customers for fake reviews!

    yahoo digital trends
  14. socrates

    Airtel hikes tariff on intl calls by up to 10%

    End of good times? :( Airtel hikes tariff on intl calls by up to 10% - Hindustan Times
  15. U


    Hello Everyone.. I want some help from you.. I wanna sell some of my PC. Which web site is better for this purpose. Which creates more customers..
  16. Rockstar11

    BSNL Broadband to offer new Advance Rental Plans with more discount

    We have learned from our sources that BSNL is planning to introduce “Longer duration Payment options” to its Broadband customers, irrespective of the Broadband Plan Broadband customers are using. As of now BSNL is offering its customers, Annual Payment option under which its Broadband...
  17. xtremevicky

    Citibank Gets Hacked, Admits Compromised Data A Month Later

    Citibank has admitted that the personal information of around 200,000 customers has been compromised in an attack that occurred last month. Source - Citibank Gets Hacked, Admits Compromised Data A Month Later [News] Take a note Citibank customers on TDF . Inform your friends , Family.
  18. N

    Presentation autorun help

    Hi.. I am stuck, again :-; I have created a Powerpoint presentation in PPTX format, with Microsoft office 2010. Now, I want to use the presentation as Product Demonstration or E-catalogue. I want to make a autorun cd which will automatically launch the presentation. What are the ways...

    Western digital to acquire hitachi global storage technologies

  20. pauldmps

    Ubisoft Eases up a bit on their DRM

    Source: Ubisoft Axe Draconian DRM > News on Games Gaming > Tech2.com India However, the DRM would still check for authenticity of the game everytime the game is started up.
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