1. topgear

    Message from Western Digital

    Source : PM Received from Lincon_WD
  2. vedula.k95

    Asus R7 260x replacement :) ?

    Hello forum, about a month ago I posted regarding the faulty gpu,after doing a bit research I came to know that my GPU was still under warranty,next step I called the customer care of ASUS they behave politely and this was one of the strange experience I rarely encounter :whew_NF: ,after having...
  3. D

    Need a Android , budget 9k

    I need a mobile for my elder sister Budget : 9k n below Display : ?? Dual SIM : If possible , yes Preffered Choice : Motorola or good customer service Camera : Good quality Preffered COnnectivity : 3G ,4g if possible Primary Use: Surfing Net , genral use of fb,whats app , Camera ...
  4. I

    [Query] Huntkey India Customer Care/ Support Service

    Huntkey India Customer Care/Support Service Hello everyone. :wave: Does anyone know the helpline number(s) of/for Huntkey India's customer support service? I have a couple of pre-purchase related queries, and I am also keen to enquire about its authorised service centres, in or nearest to Goa...
  5. vinyasmusic

    Lenovo Customer Care not replacing burnt adapter

    Guys facing a grave issue here My laptop adapter got burnt (electrical) recently. So I filed a complaint in customer care for replacement, after a few days they reverted back saying the serial number for the laptop and charger are a mismatch (WTF?) I checked with all my friends who had a...
  6. N

    Tikona Connection in Pune

    I want to pass over my experience with Tikona service..Well, there were times when I did have issues with the customer service not picking up calls. But it has only happened once-in-a-blue-moon. I was so amazed to see so many people with issues with the customer care. But, my experience has been...
  7. H

    How is Hathaway for online gaming ? (CS GO, BF3)

    Location - East Delhi How is the ping ? How stable is the connection ? How is the customer service ?
  8. S

    Buying Moto G from customer care

    Hello everyone! I have recently lost my mobile and have picked Moto G (8gb) for my purchase over Micromax Canvas 2.2 and Micromax Canvas HD. Though the Moto G is available only online the customer care in my area told that the Moto G is now available in his shop. The customer care is registered...
  9. R

    Videocon d2h not working

    Hi guys i have videocon d2h digital settop box, my father purchased it 3 years ago it working properly before yesterday it stopped working and showing "Signal Not Available" but i check the cable it connected correctly into settop box from the dish then i think now i need to call customer care...
  10. M

    reliance thunder 549 plan and its speed for home user in delhi

    what speed will i exactly get in utorrent and idm if i go for this plan, i m confused about contention ratio :-?, whats that mean? will it reduced my speed :cry: ? the customer care said that i will get only 124kbps speed for downloading and 1024 kbps for browsing in 549 plans(i mbps) , and i...
  11. digibrush

    [Query] Problem with DELL monitor service.

    I always know Dell service is great, but I have some problem with waranty issue. I have bought a dell Monitor(ST2220L) from Kolkata. Since last Saturday(01-02-2014) it was not power on . It is under warranty, so I call customer care on Monday. MONDAY : They took all information about the...
  12. N

    Buying advice on micromax p650

    Hey guys. i am working and in my work i would have to show the customer some PDF files, PPT files, use CHROME in Desktop mode which makes me use 3g services in TAB due to this i choose Canvas Tab and since i need to show things to customer i preferred it would be good with 8 Inch tab with stuns...
  13. Inceptionist

    Call Centre Regulations

    Hi, My ISP is Honesty Net Solutions. (Honesty | Home) The problem is the pathetic 'customer care' service which is available from 10 AM till 7 PM. You can't lodge a complaint before or after that. :evil: Then I came across this National Consumer Helpline - 1800-11-4000 Jago Grahak...
  14. M

    wickedleak wammy passion z+

    Hi Guys!! my phone overheated and wont turn on... i think ill have to buy a new one... budget is quite tight... i was surfing for mobiles when i stumbled upon this beauty... only prob is i haven't heard of this company.... is it reliable? does it have good customer service? is the aforementioned...
  15. harshilsharma63

    Which is the best website to buy footwere

    hi. I;m looking for a good site for buying footwear (shoes, to be specific). I want to know if some website allows to order 2-4 shoes and allows the customer to try them and purchase 1 or 2 shoes out of them.
  16. josin

    [Praise] Philips Customer service

    I purchased Philips Aqua touch AT 890/16 electric shaver from Croma Digital on 26/6/13 and i received the product on today. It contained an offer for an additional One year warranty if the customer registers the product online. I tried to register the product, but there was no such product...
  17. C

    Help choosing an ISP

    I've been using BSNL for many years. It has been good for browsing. Speed is satisfactory according to the plan, however it sucks sometimes. It has always been horrible for online gaming - awful pings. Lately it has been torturing a lot. I don't have many cable-net ISPs in my city. A few which...
  18. hellknight

    [Query] How to request RMA ticket for Corsair?

    So, after about 2-3 years of service, my Corsair TX 650 is dead. It served me well. I sent an email to the customer care of Corsair at 12:30 and they sent me back a reply at 13:15 (highly impressed) Now, I can't find the procedure to generate a RMA. Could you guys please guide me how to do so...
  19. Arnab

    Problem With Router Ports- GAME LAAG

    Hello, I am having a typical problem with my internet . Its been 4 months that I am facing an issue of game lag with FIFA 13 . I have reported and sent them all the log files of the test they have put me through. Now EA Customer Support is saying I have to open some UDP and TCP Ports of my...
  20. CommanderShawnzer

    which external hard disk to buy?

    all Ext. HDD's i read about have failure problems please suggest a harddisk which has low failure rate and good customer service from the manufactrers end my requirements USB 2.0 500 GB
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