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Hey guys. i am working and in my work i would have to show the customer some PDF files, PPT files, use CHROME in Desktop mode which makes me use 3g services in TAB due to this i choose Canvas Tab and since i need to show things to customer i preferred it would be good with 8 Inch tab with stuns the customer
That's all is my requirement of my TAB.

i don't want to carry my laptop which is ~2.5kg whole day. :(

Please let me know if this Tab is good in terms of Display and running apps(PDF, PPT, Chrome with net etc) and as customer would look into the TAB.

Micromax Canvas Tab P650 Tablet Price in India - Buy Micromax Canvas Tab P650 Tablet Blue 11.07 GB User Memory and 1.73 GB for Apps Online - Micromax:

If u have any other suggestion plz let me know. Thanks a lot for your reply. :) :)


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yes Nexus 7 is a great product even 2012 version is awesome but 2012 3G variant would cost me about 22k. For the features i use (opening PDF, Office, Web browsing) i think its a over kill.

N more over i am planning to get a phone as well(Moto G). so need to save money for that as well. :(

Still thinking whether to carry n travel my Dell XPS 15 over the bangalore city or buy Tablet. What i am scarred is that with traveling everyday if something happens to my Dell then its gonna be a bad thing. This is my concern and nothing else....
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