1. A

    MSI 990FXA-GD65 V2 Motherboard ?

    any one has details on this board ? as msi website does not even has v2 listed :cry:
  2. G

    Ghost Recon - WildLands

    New 3rd person shooter open World game by Ubisoft. * This is like Far Cry in 3rd person & it looks great. Most excited about this game. Ghost Recon Wildlands Announced, Is Open-World
  3. P

    Far Cry 4 and Fifa15 on 32 bit system help

    hi i have downloaded the Far Cry 4 and Fifa 15 but my system is 32 bit and while running the game after install its giving error lyk it require 64 bit . is there any way to run the games in 32 bit system. Please help or suggest. thanks,
  4. H

    Far Cry 3 ERROR 0xc000007b

    i cannot play far cry 3 because of ERROR 0xc000007b. i cannot even open it:twisted::-x please help needed i tried uninstalling all c++'s and then installing them again but noting worked i installed 2005,2008,2010,2012 and 2013
  5. adityak469

    Steam purchases using CCS and DCs

    So steam sale is here and the sales are as always super attracting :D But unfortunately this year, i am unable to complete any transaction, either on Steam or on ENtropay. IDK why, but neither CC nor DC are working.(DCs never worked on Steam i know that and even CC is not working on...
  6. anky

    FAR CRY 4 Discussion Thread

    Far cry 4 announced... * looking forward to it...awesome series..and this one is to be set in Himalayas..:D
  7. snap

    Far Cry 4

    Far Cry 4 set in the Himalayas :D Far Cry 4 set in the Himalayas, has ridable elephants • News • PlayStation 4 •
  8. theserpent

    Far Cry 4

    Ubisoft will unveil far cry 4 soon Ubisoft promises Far Cry 4 details soon - Gameplanet Australia
  9. TechnoHolic

    Help on C

    Someone please rectify this project. Problem: On member list. Please Help...:cry:
  10. G

    Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Leaked Gameplay

    * Not sure what this has to do with Far Cry 3.
  11. V

    Locked out of dropbox

    I had enabled 2 step verification for my dropbox account linking it to use Google Authenticator. Yesterday, I formatted my PC and also reset my galaxy s3 in process removing both the google authenticator app from the mobile and the dropbox app in my PC(it was the only trusted PC in my dropbox...
  12. rst

    unable to install far cry 2

    I have far cry 2 game (3.67 GB) when I try open it then it shows "choose the program you want to use to open this file" Its property shows ,type of file as "file" plz help
  13. avinandan012

    sad re THQ is no more

    THQ is divided & sold. End of an era. :cry:
  14. A

    ACIII vs Far Cry 3 vs Hitman - Absolution.

    Three major games are releasing in this month or next month. I am really confused to go for which game. And can afford only one game. I am allways a fan of Hitman's Stealth. Also AC series, and heard that its multiplayer is very good. Now come Far Cry 3 . It have some good review on SP and...
  15. pritamk

    memory card for S3

    i need to buy a memory card for my s3 i m thinking abt 32 gb sandisk or strontium class 10 (64 gb is too expensive :cry:) Does the class make too much difference i mean class 4 and class 10?
  16. sam.dg

    PS3 Essentals retail discs ~ When will they arrive?

    I can't wait to get my hands on a few PS3 Essentials titles but they don't seem to coming in physical discs as of yet. :cry: Any idea when they would be available to order?
  17. A

    Is Samsung Galaxy note 10.1 N800 good buy at 37000???

    Hi friends I am reading a lot of reviews about Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 N800 tat itz overpriced and bad build quality and low resolution.I even went out to the nearest Samsung Store to get a Hands on Experience wit this :-D beast which was really good. Since this is my first Tablet i am...
  18. P

    I want do something in SAP

    I am an engineering fresher . Getting a job related to SAP is highly impossible + the courses are damm expensive !:cry:
  19. pratyush997

    Seagate Momentus 5400.6 Hard Drive doesn't get Detected!!

    I Have a Portable HDD i.e Seagate momentus 5400.6 320 GB HDD. It's not detected on PC(windows XP):cry::cry::cry:. I have already tried connecting it to other PC. But failed ...:cry: ... I Have attached it's pics in attachment !! PLZzzzzzzz Help me !!:cry:
  20. X

    One folder opening very slowly.?

    One of my folder (with 9 sub folders) opening very slowly in my one HD's volume(34.5GB), i am having 1GB of RAM with Win XP SP2 and that folder contains about 10GB of data. Help me? :cry:
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