Locked out of dropbox

Vignesh B

I had enabled 2 step verification for my dropbox account linking it to use Google Authenticator. Yesterday, I formatted my PC and also reset my galaxy s3 in process removing both the google authenticator app from the mobile and the dropbox app in my PC(it was the only trusted PC in my dropbox account). Now, there is an option in Dropbox to get codes by SMS if ever you lose your authenticator app. But am not getting any SMS codes from Dropbox(Vodafone is blocking them?? I've got DND enabled.)
Unfortunately, the emergency recovery code is also lost during the format(I just don't know how I forgot to back that up :evil: Everything else mundane or not is backed up). So virtually, locking me out of my account.
So, is there any way I can get into my account? To turn off the 2 step verification also, you need to login to the account. Scanned through the entire help section of dropbox, couldn't find any workaround. :cry: :cry:
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