I want do something in SAP


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I am an engineering fresher . Getting a job related to SAP is highly impossible + the courses are damm expensive !:cry:



Yes the fees for SAP courses are high, it's range from 2.25 Lacs to 3 lacs. So, what's your next plan? My opinion is, first you get job collect some money and then go for SAP course.

If you ready to do other than SAP then Networking and CISCO courses are the best. ACIT provide CISCO course training like CCNA training, CCIE Training, CCNP training, MCITP traininig etc...... in Bangalore and Mumbai.



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U can also go into oracle ERP field which is just as good as SAP....and u need to just learn SQL and PL-SQL to the depth to enter this world. If you are from Pune I can guide you to our company which provide training of 4 months on oracle modules and then give assured job...fees is Rs.2 Lac

I too have paid that and did the training...but I am on functional side..

BTW if u think y do u need to do the course even after learn to code SQL,PL-SQL then the answer is in erp u need to know the frontend of the software too to customize something..


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Hey i think you should go for NIIT to take more information about the course and fees. One of my friend is also doing the same course and he told me it is a good option for those who want to make their career in accounting and finance industry, you can also become a sap consultant. You just need to focus on your computer skills and have a sound knowledge of accounting. Rest of the work is provided by the SAP training institute before actually jump in to this field. And who told you that you cant get a job, it is very easy to get job if you become certified of this course. you just need to do work hard.
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