1. I

    Custom Backups of Bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox

    Hello everyone. I have created numerous folders on Mozilla Firefox and have bookmarked multiple links within each of them; as depicted by the illustrative image below - I desire to create backups of the custom folders and its subsequent corresponding links, such that, I can then restore them...
  2. Cyberghost

    Seven: The Days Long Gone

    If there’s one place that Master Thief Teriel avoids at all costs, it’s the prison island of Peh. But when a daring heist takes an unexpected turn, Teriel finds himself shackled on an airship bound for the infamous island. To make matters worse, the daemon inside his head makes it very clear...
  3. quagmire

    Popular torrent release group YIFY has shut down permanently

    Pretty old news, I was wondering why there was no discussion on TDF, so created this thread. PS: I have PM'd the mods, its safe to create this thread. Source : *
  4. nomad47

    How you joined TDF??

    This thread is to share the back story of how and why one joined TDF. Could not find any other thread regarding this. If this is a duplicate mods, please close the thread. I am sharing mine: Back when I was in college I dreamed of buying a hi end gaming desktop. After going into a job that...
  5. Subhankar Mondal

    Extend c drive

    I'm facing problem to extend C-drive of my pc. I was trying it after reading this month's DIGIT [ july] page no- 87. My computer---manage---storage---disk management--- Then I shrinked a E drive [ it was 300 gb ] But I am not getting 'extend' option when I right click on c drive. I've...
  6. K

    I created a new website!

    Hello there i created a new website could you guys just check it out and see if there are any bugs in the forums or not. Any help would be greatly appreciated. http;//
  7. mohityadavx

    Connect to Two Wifi Connection Simultaneously

    Hey So I am using Windows 7 Home Premium and I want to connect to two wifi connections simultaneously. The thing is that I want to combine the two connection using Connectify Dispatch, one connection is college wifi and second is hotspot created from mobile (Lumia 520 doesnt support USB...
  8. seamon

    The Lenovo Y50 Thread.

    Official specs and announcement by Lenovo. *,%20Z,%20C-Series%20and%20LBG%20Monitors%20Spec%20Sheets.pdf Since the Y510p thread was being spammed by Y50 discussions, this thread was created. I request all members to discuss the Lenovo Y50 here.
  9. S

    Any article/info on permissions and data usage asked by apps?

    The recent hype created by the facebook app asking permission to read the user's text messages did created an uncomfortable situation for many, but thankfully it all turned out to be not so concerning.(Why Facebook's Android App Wants to Read Your Text Messages) Just been thinking if there...
  10. vidhubhushan

    opening or converting $TS file created by DVR

    any software to play or convert $TS file created by digital tv DVRs? :-?
  11. utkarsh73

    [Praise] Western Digital External Hard Disk RMA quite a bumpy ride but nice ending!!

    My 1 TB WD My Passport Essentials SE got bad sectors after a year of purchase so I created an RMA online and pickup was arranged by WD for 4th july. After the hard drive reached their service center, there was no response from them for 10 days, so I called them and they reported they currently...
  12. A

    [URGENT] Recover deleted partition

    Yesterday I want to format my Laptop, so started VAIO Rescue CD and by mistake I formatted my entire Disk. Please suggest any good Partition Recovery tools. Its urgent guys. I lost my important data. Some info. Previously it was C Drive - 80 GB D Drive - 500 GB After format I created C...
  13. Flash


    How not to use Google Glass Mashable's video is going viral everywhere. :mrgreen: Google changed the way we search; Instead of saying "Search in Google", we say "Just Google". Just as Google, there's a new word created with the Google's glass... Check it for yourself - Urban Dictionary...
  14. theserpent

    Lol:Look at samsung's Gangnam Style(S4 Parody)

    This is really funny, that's why i created a thread for it :rofl: :rofl: *
  15. A

    unreal engine and unity engine games

    I need android games which are created with the help of unity engine and unreal engine
  16. A

    NetBeans-Retrieve one by one

    Hi, I am currently using Java Netbeans to make a s/w. i am using mysql 5.0 database for connectivity. prob:- in my one frame i have created -A(jtextField) -B(jtextField) -C(radioButton) -OK(jbutton) i have created a table named XYZ in...
  17. ranjitsd


    i have just created giveaway for Real warfare 2 Real Warfare 2: Northern Crusades Giveaway - Created by ranjitsd :-D
  18. Shah

    Problems with PayPal

    I was thinking of getting a Paid Hosting from BlueHost. So, Today, I created a PayPal account on my dad's name and entered his details and his PAN ID correctly. But, when i add a debit card, it says the Name under which the PayPal account was created does not match the name in the PAN card. But...
  19. A

    Username or Password incorrect Windows 7

    I had only one user with admin rights. recently i created another user with restricted rights. Within 2 or 3 days of that the error message started appearing with a red cross "Username or Password incorrect". This message appears as soon as the windows loads, no log in screen displayed, when...
  20. S

    Help,Data Losted from my XPS 15

    Last sunday,i losted complete data from my hard drive,because of Dell Fools,i read thrice that only C Drive will be formatted,but it erased my whole drive,what i was trying to do was restoring the Factory Settings and i was left with 1 recovery partition,750MB and 1 C drive partition with 698...
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