How you joined TDF??


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This thread is to share the back story of how and why one joined TDF. Could not find any other thread regarding this. If this is a duplicate mods, please close the thread.
I am sharing mine:

Back when I was in college I dreamed of buying a hi end gaming desktop. After going into a job that was my first target. And as I had no idea about which components to pick, i asked Google. And there was a link to this forum. Well i joined in December 2012, created a thread for buying a PC. But due to personal reasons had to drop the plan. And the PC bug bit me again and determined to buy a PC created another thread in 2014. And since then have been regular.


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Same story as above hope many have the same.
I bought a PC just before college, it served me good until I had a need for new PC when I started working. I googled for lastest components and pricing, first it took to me to then found an Indian site :mrgreen:


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Started reading digit regularly since 2001-2002 when I was just a little kid (class 2/3 imo!!!) but joined the forum about 10 years later!!! Lol... :-D

I joined the forum to solve some shipping/importing query I had and have been sort of regular since then... Visit the forum more when my vacations are on and hardly visit it when the semesters get going... :p

Life catches up with me, I suppose...

P.S.: On another note, though I whole heartedly bash digit and [MENTION=1]Raaabo[/MENTION] in particular for the falling standards of their magazine in general, I have been a regular reader of theirs since the 1st issue I laid my hands on... :-B
This has more to do with lack of a suitable alternative than a competent magazine editorship by Digit... And, just when Chip were beginning to provide some high class articles, that damn magazine shutdown...

Have been through all the others... Stuff, Mymobile, T3 etc. but still keep coming back to digit since love it or hate it, and call me a hypocrite if you may, it's still better than the other magazines available in our country today...

P.P.S.: Hope [MENTION=1]Raaabo[/MENTION] is listening... He's been awfully quiet of late!!! :p #Conspiracy???

P.P.P.S.: Has T3 shutdown as well??? :|


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I just clicked on register button and filled all the details. Then verified my email. Started posting after that


needed to build a desktop so started flipping through college digit magazines for gaming configs
realised soon enough that those configs were crap and so joined the forum for further enlightenment :)


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I just clicked on register button and filled all the details. Then verified my email. Started posting after that

I was about to post this. While scrolling down to reach the reply box I was wondering, "Faun must have already posted the same". -.-


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From 2001 onwards I used to buy Digit & CHIP Magazines and used to read them thoroughly. Then I bought my elder sister a PC in 2005 but was looking to upgrade it so I googled and found about Digit forum and enrolled in 2006. Later in 2012 I got my 1st Gaming PC for 75k after getting a good config from this forum only.Thanks Digit.
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