1. mati17

    Video Cutter

    Hi Everyone ! Please suggest me good video cutter freeware or c***** one. Thanks !
  2. X

    Y50 screen cracked - help

    Hi, My lenovo y50 touch screen has cracked and hinge is broken :( screen dosent work, keyboard light comes on. Now since last few months have been using my tv as an external monitor, recently i was getting to many issues so i re setted to factory settings and now on reboot screen i cant...
  3. B

    Windows 10, is it worth the update

    Hi Guys, My cousin is getting a new pc. We need some advice regarding the OS. Should we go for Windows 10 or stick with 7? Is 10 good performance wise, compatibility wise(as in with softwares, games that run in 7 and xp) etc? If yes then which edition is the best...
  4. aaruni

    [For Sale] MacBook for Sale

    1. *Model number and details: MacBook 5.1 13 inch display. Intel Core2Duo @ 2GHz 2 GB RAM NVIDIA 9400M with 256MB memory. MAC OS X 10.5 Leopard 150 GB HDD 8x DVD Combo Drive (slot loading, SuperDrive) Bundled with OS X 10.5 recovery disk, applications install disk, and iLife '09 suite. 2...
  5. S

    Laptop lcd cracked...pls help...

    my sony vaio vpceb44en lcd has cracked...i called sony service and they quoted 11000rs....i dont have that much what should i do? plss help me as am a student...
  6. Crysis900

    who is vaibhavtek?

    SO i was in this IRC session and some one mention about vaibhavtek. I asked who he is and they just won't tell me. They cracked jokes like "Its like" "Reading the whole Ramayana" "And not knowing who Hanuman was" ":/" So seriously, who is vaibhavtek?
  7. victor_rambo

    Joomla versus Wordpress!

    As some of you may be aware, I am hobbyist-turned-professional PHP-MySQL programmer. These days, I have to commonly deal with open-source packages such as Wordpress, Joomla, etc. Almost all of my work is related to wordpress. I have observed that Worpdress is easy to use and customize. Mind...
  8. shift

    how to play ************. 100% working. Original and cracked version

    ****not Allowed****

    Is bluray media cracked?!!

    a simple question there:--- is bluray media cracked?!!
  10. V

    Cracked Thinkpad R60 hinge

    Hi. My friend's thinkpad R60's hinge is broken...(one of them... the other one is all right) She says that she never did anything like drop it, hit it anywhere etc etc, and i have reason to believe her... The notebook hasnt been anywhere outside the house since its been out of the showroom...
  11. anandk

    Clickety-Clack ! "Google Adsense Cracked ?"

    Thanx Digit ! For the interesting Cover Scoop on Google Adsense. Worth blogging, folks ! I have carried it on WinVistaClub as : Clickety-Clack ! "Google Adsense Cracked ?" :D
  12. Faun

    Windows XP was prepared using cracked softwares

    I cant believe this:confused: Is it for real ?? *
  13. aryayush

    iPhone unlocked: AT&T loses iPhone exclusivity (works in India now)

    It's high noon, Apple and AT&T -- we really hate to break it to you, but the jig is up. Last night the impossible was made possible: right in front of our very eyes we witnessed a full SIM unlock of our iPhone with a small piece of software. It's all over, guys. The team...
  14. A

    i want tally 8.1 gold cracked full

    i want tally 8.1 gold full cracked version and i want also mcafee virusscan enterprise 8.5 full
  15. deathvirus_me

    Ever wanted a start menu in ur mobile ???

    Seriously .. its more like organizing ur mostly used apps. under a single button in the standby scrren ... take a look .. My Idle screen : The start menu : And here is the app : StarMenu Also it has some nice Autolock features .. a must have for all Symbian Series60 phone ...
  16. A

    Folder Guard Professional V7.3 Issues!!!!!! PLz help

    Dear Friends, I am using Folder guard Pro For quite a long time now, But a small prblm Irritates me. There is a pop up Saying " Ur Version of folder guard is UNLICENSED " Then i ensured whether it is properly cracked or not and found out that the softwz is properly cracked. Plz help me get...
  17. R

    Games required !!!

    Can anyone give me links for downloading these types of games for free ????? 1) SNOOKER ===>>>> (Looks of "Snooker147" preferred, 'cause 3D graphics and all destroys the actual game for me) 2) Table Tennis ===>>>> (Like that of the Flash game) If anyone has the game (the full version...
  18. F

    cheats for games on UR MOBILE!

    I want some cheats, for my nokia 6630 mobile fone. Any site for this? Cracked games' websites would also do!
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