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Cracked Thinkpad R60 hinge

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Right off the assembly line

My friend's thinkpad R60's hinge is broken...(one of them... the other one is all right)

She says that she never did anything like drop it, hit it anywhere etc etc, and i have reason to believe her... The notebook hasnt been anywhere outside the house since its been out of the showroom

Do you think I will be able to convince the warranty people that it wasnt an "accident" or "misuse"? so that i won t have to pay?

if i will have to pay, how much will it be?

And lastly, would you believe if your friend told you that her lappy cracked even though she;s been using it carefully?


Post some pics (of the laptop's hinge) to help us visualize the extent of damage, only then we can give a final unanimous verdict.

It's highly unlikely that laptop came that way. So, it's gonna be next to impossible to convince the service center guys to agree with you. Regarding your last question, I would totally believe that all the care was taken, but accidents happen...sometimes you know about them, sometimes they happen behind your back. So, it doesn't really matter, the laptop still has a cracked hinge.


U got a tough job at service center !!!!
Thy will simple say that..U sud have checked it before purchase.We dont care abt physical damage after it is sold.
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Right off the assembly line
hey man!!!

the lappy is NOT new... its an year old.....

sorry i couldnt get better pics. Its from a cellphone and my father has taken the digicam.

The hinge is now turning along with the laptop lid, so the underside is exposed when i close the lid.. i have left it open to (and the hinge in its natural state) to prevent any damage to the wire inside the hinge.
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